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    1996 RGV250 SP

    Chuck you say your in Taylors (me also) but you area code (865) is Knoxville, is that a typo?
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    ? for any CBR600RR riders ('o7 if that matters)

    I will be doing my second event in a row at the same track. My front tire (Dunlop slick) is showing significantly more wear on the right side than the left. I know I can flip the tire and even out the wear. But does anybody know if I can just flip the whole wheel and tire. There is a...
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    Member Feedback Requested

    only if your standing and keep your knees straight...
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    Member Feedback Requested

    I think its a good idea but... With the way we do our sport (20 minutes on, 40 minutes of sitting around stiffening up), a morning stretch is probably only good for the first run, if that. Particularly if you stretch at 8 o'clock then don't go out for an hour and a half later. Don't get me...
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    Any Aprilia's going to NC Bike on 21 September?

    besides that's what black electrical tape is for, that way you are not distracted by catching a glimpse of something glowing red, :eek: what was that...
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    Hello and track suit

    I am assuming you are refereeing to the age thing Motfun352. But I think you will be pleasantly surprised that folks in their 60's are not referred to as "hexa.." but the much better sounding "sexagenarians" source
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    How to practice when not at the track??

    W:like:W, what a fabulous post Dom. That post alone should be a sticky. Well put sir, well put. To be good at anything, it needs to become something you don't have to think about. Just like you develop muscle memory, you need to traing your eyes and brain to recognize and react without...
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    Intermediates need a wave-by before passing a CR... ???

    OK, that is what I thought, thanks Eric
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    Intermediates need a wave-by before passing a CR... ???

    The reminder e-mail that just came out states that both Novice and Intermediates need a wave-by in order to pass a CR. When did that happen for Intermediates?
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    When will we know...

    John, do you know if there are Intro spots for Saturday? Trying to get you another addict.
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    When will we know...

    ...if an event is being cancelled due to lack of interest, i.e not enough riders signed up? This question is based on the lack of responses to the "CMP in Kershaw..." thread. I'm just curious, are event even cancelled for this reason, or do those of us that did sign up just have the track to...
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    CMP in Kershaw, SC 8/31-9/1

    bump to top really Bo, Brad, and myself; that's it ??? :unsure:
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    CMP in Kershaw, SC 8/31-9/1

    I need some CR time myself Bo. I'm having trouble due to broken up wrist getting the gas all the way on without regripping or rolling it onto my fingers. I just may need a better hand starting position, I do think my hands are rather flat at closed throttle but it is were I feel most...
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    CMP in Kershaw, SC 8/31-9/1

    WOW Brad, looks like we have the whole track to ourselves
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    Q3+ track pressures on small bikes

    interesting... that the settings are so much lower or the c/h pressure delta ??? I could have the post session numbers incorrect, but I'm pretty sure about the cold numbers. It is also not Q3s I should add. Continental ContiAttack SM