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    Racing vs track days?

    Answers in red, but if you have a few buddies I would also look into doing an endurance race. It is a great way of dipping your toes in the water of racing. 1. Track time: Guessing I’d get more on a trackday than WERA or CCS? What’s the better bang for buck? In terms of track time you will...
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    Race licence school

    I believe you need to be in intermediate to sign up for the race school. There are no additional bike requirements to take the class. The race school is really to go over a typical race weekend and go over some of the differences between wera\ccs and is not a riding class. You will spend the...
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    Will this pass tech?

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    Barber 2019

    You mean yours doesn't look like the one above?
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    Barber and road Atlanta pictures

    Raul was at both events, you should see the Barber event listed here once he has them sorted. He is one of the best in the business.
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    Tire Service Barber Nov30-Dec1

    I would assume it would be James Bock from Podium Motorsports. Great guy and amazing service if he is the one there.
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    CRing is like what?

    If you are at a track for the first time and need someone to follow the first session to learn the lay of the land grab a CR at tech and I am sure they would be willing to go out with you, or find someone who would be able to. Sometimes we have an "A" CR to help guys out which IMO is something...
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    Road Atlanta 19-20 Oct

    It would be refunded to your N2 account to be used for future events.
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    Road Atlanta 19-20 Oct

    Rain or shine! If you have an elite membership you can cancel your day up until the time you register.
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    Coats 220 motorcycle tire machine with static balancer.

    Il hop 2nd in line depending on location.
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    NC Bike July 27/28

    I will have my Coleman Road trip grill with me if we need to use it, not a full size grill but heats stuff up all the same. Looking forward to it.
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    race fuel reccomendations

    +1 on sticking with pump gas.
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    Damn hackers!

    Asian Tim what did you do???
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    Tire pressure for the new TD tire

    I had 33 in the front and 26 in the rear at Summit this past weekend. It started to tear in the afternoon, I should have raised the psi as it got warmer out. This was on warmers set on medium.
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    NC Bike 5/4-5/5

    90% sure I will be there.