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    NC Bike 9/19-9/20

    Bmw yup, 300 nope, 600 little bit to set the front. Not a fan of the asphalt ripples mid turn a couple of feet off the grass.
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    NC Bike 9/19-9/20

    id say prob CCW is the new direction turn 1 in colder temps isn’t an issue, it’s a trackday not a race. There is always a turn at the end of the straight, the only difference is how much you have to brake for it. wife and 2 kids are “crew” not spectators, so they are always welcome.
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    Safety wire

    “Jig”??? just start drilling, Either on with the bolt on the Bike or hold The bolt with vice grips.
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    Wytheville va

    Anyone in the wytheville Va area? Looking to park a vehicle for a weekend.
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    Suggested Website Tweak

    The flip side is that if a day is selling slowly the. Ppl won’t book, they will be like plenty of spots I don’t need to book yet. your best bet is to purchase the elite membership and a package of days, book the days you Want and change them as needed.
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    Best place to stay near NC Bike(Garysburg NC)?

    I’ll be bringing bike 930, bmw. Typically try and Pitt down by the staff area, not sure what Vehicle I’ll be arriving in at the moment since my truck is going to be in the shop earlier that week Know more by Thursday prior
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    Best place to stay near NC Bike(Garysburg NC)?

    Spots are first come first serve. Typically the road area by the 2nd entrance to the paddock is for staff. Never have had issues at any track leaving items out. I should be getting down there mid afternoon that Friday, if you need any help/advice. Roanoke rapids is a short drive from the...
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    Great weekend at PIRC
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    Ncbike 13-14 barrow gear

    Where are you located?
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    Pitt 6/7 Looking for int. Slot

    It doesnt look Like it’s sold out, could be wrong.
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    First track day, Roebling

    First, welcome! A few quick Tips: -read the riders manual -Watch for new information regarding covid procedures -leave your ego At home -HAVE FUN -ask the CR’s for help
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    Roebling 5/23-24

    You automatically start in novice, unless you’ve been bumped To another group in the system. Bumps come from being evaluated on the track by CR’s.
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    When will we get to ride again?

    #UPDATE Maryland State Police are continuing their increased traffic safety efforts around the Capital Beltway, with a specific focus on drivers exceeding the speed limit and driving aggressively. Rockville Barrack troopers conducted a special initiative in partnership with the State Police...
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    questions about boots

    What type of boots are you currently having issues with? post a picture of your calf’s with. The suit on, that will give us an idea if there is too much material and the suit need shortened/taken in in the calf.
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    Corona house arrest

    With the announcement that RA is back on for July 5/6, I still might be going that direction. with all that’s going on, plans are still very fluid!! Prob won’t see me at an evolve day anytime soon :(. Patriot is fun in the small bikes haven't run it since nesba days.