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    Season Opener - Roebling March 23-24

    Good to see all at Roebling and knock off some winter rust! I was very impressed by the talent we had in novice as well. I spent more time filing the upgrade info. than I did wringing out my bike. Congrats! Congrats!
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    Video from I group Day 2 Tally 8.16.15

    Looks good to me. If I find anything on my vids in "I" that might help, I'll pass it on.
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    Video from I group Day 2 Tally 8.16.15

    Found myself on #2. Great to share the track with you. Thanks for posting
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    First N2 trackday of the year for me

    What a great group of folks at Tally today, 8/16. A pleasure to meet some of the N2 folks and their families. Everyone did a great job, thanks for accommodating me in "I". Maybe I wasn't paying close attention, but I don't think there was one red flag... brilliant . Looking forward to more...