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    NC BIKE...

    Yeah!!!!!!!! Bo, always good to see you. I had a blast breaking in the Aprilia "the right way!"
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    Will this tire pass tech?

    What you paying for a set of these?? And are you running the 200 rear??
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    Bazzaz QS4 2009-15 GSXR 1000

    Sold the bike Installed April 2015 Works flawlessly Stand alone with new push/pull switch All paper work, parts, and original box $320 free ship in 48 cont states
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    Back to Help @NCBIKE 6/13-14 of them months. But I do remember we had a blast and plenty of video to prove it that day.
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    Back to Help @NCBIKE 6/13-14

    Took 2014 off, but as many have in the past, I am coming back out. This will be my first with the new org, and from all I have heard this looks to be exciting times. Been doing lots of street riding for the past year and again feeling the need for more. And what's better than coming back out at...
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    Special Season Pass

    Something tells me this would be in Internet dollars......LOL
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    Special Season Pass

    Ok turn. Call me in reference to that 10% raise I asked for based on my present salary. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No Joke - '14 Schedule posted

    I did this on Father's Day in 2006........Totally my fault, trying to make up for slow corners by extending the straights. Big Dummy.........:wow:
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    2011+ GSXR 750 owners

    I always hear a lot about how the linkage makes the gixxxers handle so much better. I am not gonna knock the statement but I will say that if you understand what that linkage is actually doing from an engineering stand point you can then figure out how to get the ssame results through geometry...
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    2011+ GSXR 750 owners

    Suspension wise.....the R6 likes a lot of the same a Gixx likes. You will love the power, and that alone will encourage you to work on the deficiencies "YOU" hint off??????? I have taken a stock 750 sub 1.20's at Summit Main, and 1.31's at TBolt. Now if you not gonna go faster than that...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen the elusive…..

    LOL, Years?????? The guys that brought me into motorsports taught me that at age 14.......LOL Also, that no matter how much you spend on it........its still all junk, and you must understand and believe that in order to ride it to your fullest ability. Gone in a blink of an eye, or slip of...
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    Safety Wire Help PLEASE!!!!!!

    Stop over thinking it...........and do sumthin about those chicken strips in pic 5.............LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!