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  1. wmhjr

    Summit Main April 29th Bumps and Credits!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to a beautiful day at Summit Main. Bumps and credits are in the system. Congratulations to the following riders who were bumped from Novice to Intermediate! Alok Nepal Howard Sonneborn Ewan Tulis We look forward to seeing you all at future events!
  2. wmhjr

    Possibly heading 2 Summit Main 4/29

    Hope to see you there! I'll be looking forward to seeing your smiling face at Tech/Registration and the riders meeting! Just ask if you need anything. We're all pretty friendly. Well, at least most of us :)
  3. wmhjr

    Summit Main Air Fence Help!

    It's a mistake. SCCA is there before us. Somebody else is on Shenny Sun/Mon
  4. wmhjr

    Summit Main Air Fence Help!

    Hi everyone! As our opener at Summit Main on Monday the 29th approaches, it's time to talk about Air Fence - that wonderful stuff that helps keep us safe. We're asking for people to assist in setting up Air Fence on Sunday evening, and tearing it down on Monday evening. This is a great...
  5. wmhjr

    Summit Main - April 29th - Please Read! - UPDATED 24 April!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at Summit Main on Monday. In preparation for the weekend, here are a few things to keep in mind…. SCCA is at Summit Main on Saturday and Sunday, which means we will not likely be able to enter the paddocks until 5 or 6pm Sunday evening. If you arrive early...
  6. wmhjr

    NC Bike 5/4-5/5

    I'm looking forward to it for sure. Main on Monday and then a short week before leaving for NCBike mid day on Friday!
  7. wmhjr

    Roebling Bumps & Credits 3/23-3/24

    Congrats to all!
  8. wmhjr

    Just joined from Atlanta

    Welcome! Make sure you take a look at the riders manual at We look forward to seeing you at the track!
  9. wmhjr

    WTB: Tire Tree

    Vinny, yeah - I've been experimenting with different clips. That was my next option.
  10. wmhjr

    WTB: Tire Tree

    These are really well made. The only thing that I need to address on the two I have is that the pins holding the wheels on the "axle" don't always hold. Need a better way for when transporting in the trailer. I looked at welding my own up but when I factored in the cost of materials, powder...
  11. wmhjr

    Selling JR50 Suzuki

    Is this Muskys new coaching bike?
  12. wmhjr

    WTB: Tire Tree

    I use the same ones. Yank saw the ones I got and then got his. They aren't bad, and the guy is a stand up guy.
  13. wmhjr

    Summit Point RV parking

    jksoft, some good info above. I'll be running that event, and look forward to seeing you there. There is an SCCA racing event there on Saturday and Sunday. Usually when SCCA is there, it's very difficult to get into the paddock area before at least 6pm. The SCCA guys are often not in a big...
  14. wmhjr

    New Tow Vehicle MPG

    John is right - floor space and efficient use of space is critical. One other thing - don't forget load balancing. You don't want to put all the weight in the very back of the trailer - you'll have too little tongue weight and stability will be negatively affected. I have 4 TRS mounts in my...
  15. wmhjr

    New Tow Vehicle MPG

    I think he's talking the difference between an F150 and an F250 though - and there is a difference there in how they drive in day to day driving. They are totally different vehicles in almost every way. Not sure if Kurt is talking about only $8K between an F150 gasser and an F250 diesel -...
  16. wmhjr

    New Tow Vehicle MPG

    For a 7x16 if you're just looking for average fuel cost I wouldn't get a diesel. While United builds a great trailer and they're a little heavier than many of the "generic" brands (my trailer is a United UXT that's more than twice as big as your trailer), a 7x16 is a pretty manageable size for...
  17. wmhjr

    Rider returning after hiatus; is a bump down required?

    There is no "rule" that says after a certain amount of time you need to "bump down". Tad has it right. It's more about lines, consistency, being predictable than it is about pace. If it helps, seek out a CR in the morning and they can just take a couple laps with you. But if you were a solid...
  18. wmhjr

    New product I just saw

    I heard Tom uses it for other things
  19. wmhjr

    Question about working on my bike

    I also have a Handy lift, and agree with Jack that it's beefier and nicer. I got mine used - found it on Craigslist for less than the Harbor Freight lift cost. Had to rebuild the air cylinder a few years later but it was cheap and easy to do.