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  1. wmhjr

    Summit Main April 29th Bumps and Credits!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to a beautiful day at Summit Main. Bumps and credits are in the system. Congratulations to the following riders who were bumped from Novice to Intermediate! Alok Nepal Howard Sonneborn Ewan Tulis We look forward to seeing you all at future events!
  2. wmhjr

    Summit Main Air Fence Help!

    Hi everyone! As our opener at Summit Main on Monday the 29th approaches, it's time to talk about Air Fence - that wonderful stuff that helps keep us safe. We're asking for people to assist in setting up Air Fence on Sunday evening, and tearing it down on Monday evening. This is a great...
  3. wmhjr

    Summit Main - April 29th - Please Read! - UPDATED 24 April!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at Summit Main on Monday. In preparation for the weekend, here are a few things to keep in mind…. SCCA is at Summit Main on Saturday and Sunday, which means we will not likely be able to enter the paddocks until 5 or 6pm Sunday evening. If you arrive early...
  4. wmhjr

    Endurance support at VIR/NJMP

    FFR Racing (Fermented Four Racing) is looking for some motivated pit help for the VIR and/or NJMP 4 hour Endurance races - VIR being August 4th and NJMP being October 6th. We're running an FZ07R so we don't anticipate tire changes - just infrequent refuel stops with fire extinguisher support...
  5. wmhjr

    Vesrah 006 HH D1

    OK, so I'm trying to figure out which compound the pads (inherited) I have are. They're for OEM calipers on a 2015+ R1 Copper color backing plate Stamped VESRAH 006 HH D1. As everyone knows, the Vesrah site is pretty much worthless in terms of getting information. I'm pretty sure these...
  6. wmhjr

    Syracuse area to Jennings in Feb?

    Anybody heading down to Jennings for the Feb 16-18 even (AKA Sanders extravaganza of shenanigans) please send me a note....
  7. wmhjr

    Mad Moto Chain Adjusters

    Picked up a very nice '15 R1 for track/race duty a few weeks ago. The bike is a really nice ride, with a great deal already done on it, like Ohlins front/rear suspension, etc. The day after I picked it up, I left it in the trailer and took it with my GSXR to the track, hoping to just get a...
  8. wmhjr

    2007 GSX-R750 FULLY track ready!

    My primary bike - 2007 GSX-R750, well put together for the track. 9685 miles as of right now - it'll have a little more after this coming weekend at NCBike. Here is a list as best as I can recall of everything on this bike. It's almost too much to recall.... Ohlins 25mm front forks, extended...
  9. wmhjr

    2008 GSX-R750 ready for the track

    Gotta make some room..... 2008 GSX-R750. It's had a minor low side - nothing in any way serious. 6442 miles Vortex Clipons Vortex Rearsets - GP Shift Pretty much safety wired - oil drain plug, filler, filter, size cases, axle Ohlins 20mm front forks with fork extenders- serviced last year by...
  10. wmhjr

    2002 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird Sport Tourer

    I've had this bike for about 4 years now, but spend way too much time at the track to ride it on the street. Last year I put a grand total of 10 whole miles on it. For those not familiar with the Blackbird, it was originally developed in '97 by Honda to be the fastest bike on the planet - only...
  11. wmhjr

    Take-off tires

    I've got a bunch of take-offs that would be suitable for somebody in the N or I group that wants to try out some "track only" rubber. I have one set of two Dunlop GPA-Pro rears and a single GPA-Pro front that are still in nice shape, as well as a couple Pirelli slicks (both front and rear)...
  12. wmhjr

    Happy Mothers Day - and Thanks!

    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who are either riders, or in some way part of the N2 family! We should all particularly thank those moms who put up with frequently absent dads and sons, who are enjoying the track with us! And - Thanks, N2 staff, for avoiding major family crisis for many and...
  13. wmhjr

    Anybody go home with my wrench?

    Either at Thunderbolt, Road Atlata or at Summit over the past few weeks, somebody borrowed a 12mm "Gear Wrench" from my trailer - can't remember who. It never found its way back to my tool chest. If you realized later you still have it, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. wmhjr

    WTB: Pit-Bull TRS Frame only

    Probably a long shot, but does anybody have a spare "frame" for a Pit-Bull TRS they want to sell? I have plenty of pins but could use another frame. Long story. I'm looking for...
  15. wmhjr

    Feeler - '03-05 R6 Track parts (Yoyo, Akropovich, Racetech, etc)

    Hey all, Long story short, my old '05 R6 (B bike) which really isn't mine might have to go back to the previous owner and they have no need for race parts. Going to have to try and figure out what may have some interest for others - knowing full well that the '05 is not prime fodder just...
  16. wmhjr

    VIR with Evolve?

    Anybody planning on being at VIR this sunday and Monday? Patriot on Sunday and North on Monday.
  17. wmhjr

    Forum issues tonight?

    Anybody else experiencing really slow performance around here tonight? Tapatalk won't load N2 forums, and loading individual pages is taking a LONG time....
  18. wmhjr

    Forum issues tonight?

    Anybody else experiencing really slow performance around here tonight? Tapatalk won't load N2 forums, and loading individual pages is taking a LONG time....
  19. wmhjr

    2006-10 GSXR 600/750 Forks w/20mm Ohlins

    One complete set of forks for '06/07 GSXR600/750. Built with Ohlins 20mm cartridge kit (piston kit, valves, etc), Extended fork caps. Built by John Tyus of CTR suspension last year for me. Only ran about 30 laps or so and then replaced with my 25mm cartridges and forks. Currently setup for about...
  20. wmhjr

    Season is approaching - time for maintenance!

    Looking forward to getting things rolling for 2017. The weather outside is frightful, but the season ahead promises to be delightful! We're only a month away from Jennings, and not too long after that we'll be looking at NCBike and Road Atlanta! Now's the time to get that pesky maintenance...