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  1. djhurayt

    ? for any CBR600RR riders ('o7 if that matters)

    I will be doing my second event in a row at the same track. My front tire (Dunlop slick) is showing significantly more wear on the right side than the left. I know I can flip the tire and even out the wear. But does anybody know if I can just flip the whole wheel and tire. There is a...
  2. djhurayt

    Intermediates need a wave-by before passing a CR... ???

    The reminder e-mail that just came out states that both Novice and Intermediates need a wave-by in order to pass a CR. When did that happen for Intermediates?
  3. djhurayt

    When will we know...

    ...if an event is being cancelled due to lack of interest, i.e not enough riders signed up? This question is based on the lack of responses to the "CMP in Kershaw..." thread. I'm just curious, are event even cancelled for this reason, or do those of us that did sign up just have the track to...
  4. djhurayt

    lets talk tire wrapping

    Who does it and why. Are you just wrapping at the end of an event until the next ??? Are you using a softener/treatment then wrapping ??? How about long term i.e. over the winter ??? Just a gimmick ??? All comments, pro & con welcomed
  5. djhurayt

    Anybody ever do a track day at Laguna Seca

    Laguna is definitely on my bucket list of track to ride. Thinking a road trip may be in order next season. With that in mind does anybody have experience with doing a tack day at Laguna Seca? recommended (or NOT) organizations ??? they seem to have a 90dB sound limit, anybody know at what...
  6. djhurayt

    ability to view fill level of a particualy group (A,B,C) for a particular event

    Is there anywhere on the N2 site that I can monitor how many spots may be left for an event. There are a few more mid-summer (Aug/Sept) that I might try to attend but only if it in is not a 90/90 (temp/humidity) weekend. I was hoping I could monitor how many spots are available as time gets...
  7. djhurayt

    corner worker communication

    Does anybody know what radio frequency the tracks use for communication between corner workers. CB, UHF, FRS . . . ??? Or maybe most tracks are hard wired between corner worker stations. IDK ??? Just thinking out load that at times (red flags for example) it would be nice to listen in and...
  8. djhurayt

    tracking drones

    What is the ruling regarding somebody wanting to ride with a tracking drone chasing them around the track for aerial view footage?
  9. djhurayt

    So why are helmet cameras considered a safety issue . . .

    On the bike they are fine per the rules. On the helmet is a no no. Why?
  10. djhurayt

    race fuel reccomendations

    What are those of you that are running race fuels running? VP, what blend? Sunoco, … Are you running it straight out of the can or mixing with pump gas (preferably non-ethanol)? And if anybody has an specific recommendations for an 07 CBR600RR, stock motor, Akrapovic complete exhaust, Power...
  11. djhurayt

    need a clarification on pricing

    In the above 3 line item example: I am assuming that the top item (Saturday with the red ATP tag) and bottom (Sunday) are just a regular track day at $175/day And that if I want to ride Saturday with the ATP training it will be $325 for the day. Or is it an additional $325 plus the $175?
  12. djhurayt

    dang it, I knew I should have gotten a liter bike . . . for anyone concerned this is a legitimate youtube link
  13. djhurayt

    2007 CBR600RR gearing

    Having recently acquired a "new to me" track bike that came with a pile of front and rear sprockets, my first event on this scoot will be Road Atlanta. Can anybody suggest a starting point on what gear set I might like to start with.
  14. djhurayt

    Please allow me to re-introduce myself I'm a man of . . .

    no wealth but I do think I have taste (a little, maybe). You guys be the judge. Anyhow some of you might remember me from my first track day with N2 in Sep'18 at CMP. For that I was riding my Husky SMR450 Supermoto. Had a great time but got blown away on every straight away just to close on...
  15. djhurayt

    CMP April 6th & 7th, who's in

    I'll be there for Saturday definitely, sort of have a commitment for Sunday but working on working my way out of it. Plan is the ride the XR (Harley, not Honda) provide it doesn't try to kill me like it attempted last time out at RA. Just in case I will also bring the Husky. Does anybody know...
  16. djhurayt

    RA and pets

    on the "About Us" page It stated "No pets allowed . . ." but then if you go to the "Policies" page It states that they are allowed Does anybody know for sure?
  17. djhurayt

    Aaron, N2 control rider, Twisted Speed

    I'm trying to make contact with who I think may be are has been a control rider for N2, and I is "part of" or, IS Twisted Speed racing. First name maybe Aaron or something. I believe I own one of your previous race bikes and would love to pick your brain about it a little bit. david
  18. djhurayt

    Can I tech two bikes at the same event?

    Just wondering as at times I might want to run one bike in the morning and a different in the afternoon
  19. djhurayt

    CMP 9/1

    Does anybody know what track configuration (full, east, west) N2 runs (will run) at CMP?