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  1. Motofun352

    New Member

    Welcome, skip Deal's Gap and try the Cherahola Skyway instead. Much better especially for a big bore bike. Come see us in Barber after Thanksgiving!
  2. Motofun352

    Met a few faces from N2 this week!

    If you're buying a track bike to start out on, buying a already preped bike is a good way to save money. As it's near the end of the season a lot of bikes will start to show up both here and on the WERA web site. It's difficult to recomend a particular brand/size without specific details but...
  3. Motofun352

    Stompgrip OR Techspec or . . .

    Tech Spec for me. The Stomp Grip I had used previously kept coming loose....probably my fault.
  4. Motofun352

    Turning motorcycle brake rotors

    I had rotors "turned" on a CBX once, only because they were NLA. They were actually machined flat and they were quite heavy and thick to begin with. I wouldn't attempt it with anything modern.
  5. Motofun352

    New to Forum. Also Message to N2

    Ha ha....went out the next to last session Sunday with the goal to show how to get passes done in accordance with novice rules. Even at Nelson with all its turns you can still make progress. But I digress, the CR's are there to ruin your fun.:eek:
  6. Motofun352

    Pitt Race - coaching tips

    The above are all good points. Perhaps the best way to teach the track is to explain which turns are late apex, double apex, where maintenance throttle is appropriate, where a "squirt" is rewarded, etc. I never really appreciated the old Beaver until Buck did a track walk with me. It was eye...
  7. Motofun352

    Pitt Race - coaching tips

    A couple of points, there is "THE" racing line and there are racing lines. If you watch a pro who is way out in front of the pack he will be on "THE" line. When in the pack or with someone right if front or behind him he will adjust his line to suit. This may confuse people, hopefully not...
  8. Motofun352

    Summit Main - Coaching tips

    Stop giving away secrets! :lipssealed: No, it's OK....I guess....:rofl:
  9. Motofun352

    Hey everyone!

    Ask a CR for him to follow you for a few laps and give you some pointers. We love it when you guys ask for help, it's the main reason we coach.
  10. Motofun352

    Pit bitch help this September at Pitt.

    I'll be CR ING at Pitt in September on Friday. I can stay for Saturday to help if someone needs it . Let me know. (I work for beers)
  11. Motofun352

    PittRace Bumps.......

    Congrats! PS, nice bunny ears. :p
  12. Motofun352

    After my first track day I feel like a total squid!

    ^^^ this, right here is the key^^^. Your feet are the foundation you build from. They allow you to use your legs and core strength and free up your arms.
  13. Motofun352

    Trying to figure out where to start

    Plenty of newer riders use their street bike for track days/intro racing. Take off the mirrors, disconnect all the lights and tape up all the lenses. Make your chain is on the loose side, your tires are in good shape, Make bike numbers out of contrasting color tape...these are the...
  14. Motofun352

    What bike did you want...until you rode it?

    RZ500. Wonderful bike, absolutely sucked on the street. My guess is it had 35 hp below coming on the pipe(s)....85 hp after. I know I'm just making that up but that's the way it felt. Lord help you if you hit the transition mid corner...Funny thing is I lusted after it because I enjoyed my...
  15. Motofun352

    Another old new guy

    Welcome Kirk, PS, Judy....we're not old timers...rather young at heart. (and soft in the head as per Nancy):(:rofl:
  16. Motofun352

    Another FNG

    Welcome, you'll like Rd Atl. It's a great track.
  17. Motofun352

    New to N2.

    Welcome to N2, Mark! Before Judy can chime in....Check out and read the N2 rule book. It's all common sense stuff but it will give you a lot of info about how the day will go and answer many questions. You will still have questions so fire away, we're all here to help. Since you're from the...
  18. Motofun352

    Pitt race fri 6/5 Tire service?

    I talked to Mike at MDM. He said he will have a Pirelli trailer there.
  19. Motofun352

    New old guy.....

    Welcome back! Wish I could be there.
  20. Motofun352

    When will we get to ride again?

    Anyone else a little miffed at being classified as nonessential? That doesn't stop them from wanting my nonessential taxes.