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  1. Menotomy

    Shock Rebuild

    I use MRP as well. I'm in NoVA too.
  2. Menotomy

    Nelson Ledges Images

    Very generous offer.
  3. Menotomy

    What ear plugs do you use?

    Moldex Pura-Fit 6800. NRR33, about as good of a noise reduction rating (NRR) as you can go from what I've found. Really soft too, I could probably leave them in all day and feel fine. Can be bought on Amazon.
  4. Menotomy

    Racing vs track days?

    Probably the best summary in this thread. Regarding AHRMA, they don't have a class that the Ninja 400 can race in. CCS and WERA do. At least in CCS the 500 class (where the Ninja 400 goes) is a great mix of people and the fastest growing class.
  5. Menotomy

    What oil are you guys using?

    Rotella T6 is the de facto official oil of track days. Motul 300v is a great oil, but Motul recommends you change it after every TD weekend due to breakdown of the additives they use for their advertised HP gain. If you take that seriously but want a true synthetic oil (not just "full...
  6. Menotomy

    CMP and NC Bike changes?

    I saw a picture on the NCBike page of them adding concrete to the edge of the track. I think they're adding curbing. Also, the owner hinted at having a plan for paving the paddock but gave no details.
  7. Menotomy

    CMP and NC Bike changes?

    I was thinking the same. Hopefully they save some asphalt.
  8. Menotomy

    CMP and NC Bike changes?

    NCBike started paving that new part today.
  9. Menotomy

    CMP and NC Bike changes?

    NC Bike has been posting some updates on Facebook. They cleared out the runoff area at the hairpin as of March 5th, not sure if they are just going to throw down grass seed to finish it. There was a post on March 3rd about getting ready to pave the new "shortcut" they created.
  10. Menotomy

    Opinions about airbag vests

    I did a trackday in CA and I noticed that anyone wearing a vest had the Helite vest. On the east coast, I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing one, everyone uses Hit-Air. The CA day was with Carters and they all promote the Helite vest, which could have something to do with that. The Helite...
  11. Menotomy

    Opinions about airbag vests

    Another manufacturer entering the scene with airbag tech is Gimoto. They do custom but I believe they also have off the rack suits. Their newest line of suits is compatible with their airbag vest, and you can replace it with a single canister by yourself from what I've read on your own, so no...
  12. Menotomy

    Opinions about airbag vests

    For the original in-suit airbag system from Alpinestars there are two modes. One mode uses both canisters, the other mode uses just one. I agree with what you said about the RS-1, that's what I use. I've had several crashes, only had a bladder puncture once. Since it's higher it doesn't drag...
  13. Menotomy

    Glove recommendations

    I've used the Held Titan Evos. Great gloves. I have a lightly used pair I'm selling. They are size 9 (large basically) if you know what size you need. I went to a half size down so I don't need these any more.
  14. Menotomy

    NC Bike July 27-28

    So switch to light beer?
  15. Menotomy

    Questions about safety wiring.

    I recommend Champion Cobalt, they can be found on Amazon in 12 packs. The 12 pack is about $25 but I haven't found any that last as long and resist snapping when using a good technique (slow and steady). Any 3-in-1 oil will work if that's easier to find than a "cutting fluid."
  16. Menotomy

    FS: REV'IT Replica Race Suit (1 piece) EU52 $150

    This is a REV'IT Replica race suit, one piece. I wore this for a couple of seasons and received a few pavement massages in it, so it definitely has some wear. The suit is in overall good condition with some wear and patches, and the stitching is all intact. However on the right thigh there is a...
  17. Menotomy

    Riding in the rain

    I'll take 7!!!
  18. Menotomy

    WTB: Tire Tree

    Tire tree?
  19. Menotomy

    Question about working on my bike

    I've got the same one. It's on sale several times a year; keep checking HF online for coupons for it. Make sure when it's lifted you use the provided black bar to support the weight instead of the pump. It goes through a pair of holes on the front lift supports once it's high enough, then you...
  20. Menotomy

    Coolant flush and fill ?’s for on and off track motorcycles.

    I'd just take it as is. If it's an auto parts store they don't watch you pour it, they just point in the direction of the tank. If you do decide to mix the winter antifreeze in, just add enough that it darkens it, and re-use the rest of it. That will at least save some cash.