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  1. Menotomy

    FS: REV'IT Replica Race Suit (1 piece) EU52 $150

    This is a REV'IT Replica race suit, one piece. I wore this for a couple of seasons and received a few pavement massages in it, so it definitely has some wear. The suit is in overall good condition with some wear and patches, and the stitching is all intact. However on the right thigh there is a...
  2. Menotomy

    Four Pirelli Takeoffs: Three 120/70 and One 160/60, Front and Rear Stand Set

    Two SC1 120/70 Front ($40) One SC2 120/70 Front ($40) One SC2 160/60 Rear ($50) All tires have a good amount of rubber left. The rear is a little flat along the "throttle on" areas of the tire. The stands are being sold as a pair. They are similar to the Venom brand stands, which bolt...
  3. Menotomy

    FS: Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Inverter Generator - Northern VA - Local pickup only

    I paid $930 for it brand new, asking $800. I live in Ashburn, VA, and I am willing to drive within the area to meet someone half way for pickup. Paypal or cash for payment. This is the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 inverter generator. It's called an inverter because it generates AC power like any...