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  1. sv650

    2008 Suzuki SV650 track bike - $2000

    My 2008 SV650 is up for sale. Has all track bodywork so no lights, etc are on it. I have a clean title though. Bike has 28k miles and runs great. Located in Medford, NJ. The good: - Ohlins double clicker rear - Racetech fork internals, 0.95 springs + gold valve emulators. (Set up for ~180lb...
  2. sv650

    2nd gen sv650 front wheel + q3

    Anyone have use for a bent rim + q3? If so it's yours for free, delivered to N2 events at NCBike, Summit, or NJMP
  3. sv650

    RoadGear gloves

    Saw a 51% discount on these gloves I'm running a pair of Held EVO Thrux gloves now, but they're falling apart and not sure if they'll make it through the season. I'm guessing they're fairly low quality gloves, but wondering if anyone has them, or knows...
  4. sv650

    WTB SV650 rear shock

    Looking for a Penske 8983 or similar for a 2008 SV650
  5. sv650

    Pittrace gate fees?

    Last time out at Pittrace back in May I showed up late Friday night and the security guard wanted to charge me for both camping ($10) and gate fees (I think $15) Just so I know in advance this time, what should I actually be paying? N2 covers the gate fees right?
  6. sv650

    Q3 wear bars

    My Q3's are getting close to the wear bars on the right hand side after 6 days. Do most people run to/past the wear bars? At what point will they fail tech inspection? I only felt them slide once on my last track day, but it was probably due more to my throttle control than anything else. I'm...
  7. sv650

    NJ to BeaveRun 5/24, 5/25

    Anyone interested in sharing a ride to BeaveRun for the weekend? Lots of gas and tolls for me from Cherry Hill NJ so I'm interested in splitting costs with someone. I've been trailering my bike with a Honda Fit, I don't think it could handle a second bike so I'd probably have to rely on someone...