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  1. Dom17

    Tuners in Eastern PA

    I am looking for a reputable tuner in eastern PA. I have a 2009 daytona 675. I have made numerous calls around and everyone is only comfortable tuning using PC software. I am worried that I will buy a PCV, take it to be tuned, have them load the same tune I currently have on the bike...
  2. Dom17

    600cc Gearing and Sprocket Combinations

    I was wondering what the most poplar gearing conversions are for the 600 bikes. My understanding is that 600cc bikes are limited in top speed by horsepower and the gearing is too tall to ever reach theoretical top speed. My stock gearing is 16/47. I was thinking about dropping a tooth in the...
  3. Dom17

    NJMP 5/8/16 Great Experience

    I am new to N2TD and track days in general. I had my first experience on a track with N2 at NJMP. I wanted to say that the CRs really made me feel safe and there was an overwhelmingly positive atmosphere. The support was fantastic and I cant wait to come back. Special shout outs to Lenny who...