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    KTM RC8RR and RC8R Limmited Edition Package Deal

    KTM RC8RR and RC8R LE Package Deal $26,000. Pictures available on request via text or email. 2011 RC8RR Track Only Model: 1290 super duke cylinder and pistons rc8 head and crank, motor measures 1265. Built and tuned by Chad Wells at Commonwealth in Louisville. Currently tuned on T4 did 166/98...
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    Shenny/Main Airfence Help Needed

    All, looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday and Monday, we will need help getting the air fence in place Sunday evening at Main. We are waiting to see what time we will be allowed into the track, once we have a firm time we’ll post up here when we plan on starting air fence and where...
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    NC Bike Coaching Vids

    Below are the links to this past weekend for Novice when I remember to turn my camera on: Sunday session 1. Sunday session 2. Sunday session 3. Sunday session 4. Sunday session 4. Part 2. I’ll look for...
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    Happy New Year

    I hope you have a safe and fast 2020.
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    Air Fence Donations

    All, Please review the link below, it’s a great way to get money raised for more air fence without hitting your pocket hard. For those that have used air fence they are grateful, for those that haven’t you should be happy it’s there...
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    2015 KTM RC-390 Cup Bike with Extras

    2015 KTM RC-390 Cup bike with spares: Chad Wells moto dynoed at 51 HP on MR12, 49 on pump gas. Bike includes: Hour meter reading 12.3 hours on new motor and transmission Yoyodyne slipper clutch PCV mapped for MR12 and pump gas with a quick shifter and map switch Shift kit (star and...
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    Bike transport Louisville to VIR

    I need help getting my rc390 from Commonwealth motorcycles in Louisville down to VIR for the Friday practice day and Saturday endurance race. Is there anyone near or going past there that could help out. I am willing to pay for some of you gas. Thanks, Tom
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    Barnes Brothers Motorcycles

    Barnes Brothers Motorcycles For those of you unlucky enough to know me you know I am pretty brand loyal and value exceptional customer service. A few weeks ago I made a life altering decision to switch brands away from KTM for my main big bore bike. I did some scientific paddock research and...
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    RC390 wheels

    Stock KTM rc390 wheels front and rear with bearings and no other hardware. $425 plus shipping fron 15377. Text for photos four one two 596 one zero seven eight. Tom
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    YCRS 3/5-3/6

    Doing Inde in March, I land in Tucson at 7:50 PM via Chicago. I am flying out Wednesday AM at 6:15, let me know if anyone is interested in splitting a rental car. Tom
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    Barber Roll Call

    So who’s in?
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    PIRC 9/16-17 Tire Service

    Mike will you or a representative be there?
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    8/19 & 20 PIRC Roll Call and Pot Luck

    Who's in and what are you bringing? Cobbled corn here.
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    Summit 7/10 Video

    Below are the links to the video I captured in the A session I was having some issues with my gopro cubes overheating and shutting off for a few seconds and then turning back on so there are a few sessions I missed: Lots of folks really riding well out there. Katie, nice work picking up...
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    Who's in? I am there for both.
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    N2/WERA Endurance

    I just wanted to drop a post and thank N2 and WERA for a great weekend of track day riding and racing. Congrats to all the competitors and all my fellow PN racers. The endurance race was a blast and we learned a a lot to help better prepare for the next round. Special thanks to Big Jim (Gym)...
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    NJMP Friday Track Day Pre Race

    N2, I saw a post on another forum stating that the Friday track day (5/26) the weekend of the N2/WERA race will have a "Racer's Group" that allows teams to purchase one slot and rotate team riders through in those sessions. So assuming there will be an N, I, A and R group. Is this correct...
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    Summit Main Race School

    To all my fellow students congrats on passing race school and not letting the weather dampen your spirits. Additionally, Scott, John and Will, thanks for instructing and more importantly sharing your experiences too. Below are the links to my race video's. A couple of things to note, in class...
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    NJMP 4/15-16 Roll Call

    Who's in, I'll be there with at least on Rc8r, maybe a rc390 and my primary track rc8rs. I'll be looking for a tow as i don't have any laps in there.
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    2011 and newer Super Duty items

    I have several items off my 2011 super duty 6 & 3/4 foot crew cabbed: 1. Weather tech floor matts part # 45305-1-2 both first and second row, $100. 2.Tonno Pro Trifold tonneau cover part # 42-303, $100 3. Locking fiberglass tonneau cover new struts, $200 4. Fiberglass cap locking door, $400...