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  1. MrFrzz

    2009 CBR600RR

    Tossed a feeler out before my last track day, but I'm pretty set on selling it now. Minor lowside but rode the bike at my last track day afterwards. No damage other than a bent clutch lever and fairing damage (pics) 3500 OBO SOME negotiation room on price. CLEAN SC TITLE Has 2007 engine in...
  2. MrFrzz

    Season Wrap up w/ N2

    I know the official N2 season isnt wrapped up until Barber, but Ang and I decided to go ahead and shut it down for winter maintenance. I just wanted to give a huge thanks to N2 for this season. It was our first time ever getting to the track and you guys made us feel right at home, from our...
  3. MrFrzz

    Since she won't do it, I will

    Hey everyone, so my wife came to Roebling with me in May, took some pictures, went to Huey's twinkle twinkle lunchtime concert, and watched everyone rip around the track... She subsequently decided she wasn't waiting till next season and we're now registered again and coming back to roebling in...
  4. MrFrzz

    WTB - Track fairings - 2009 CBR 600RR

    Looking to pick up a set of fairings for my cbr to start prepping for the full retard track conversion. Very new to this, but I was informed by Hotbodies that their's will bolt right up to the OEM dash mounts for the uppers. Does anyone have anything available? Send PM/ email if so. Thanks all!
  5. MrFrzz

    WTB Arai Medium Corsair V or Corsair X

    Hello, My wife is looking to get into Track days and I wanna pick up a backup helmet for her. We currently have Arai Quantum X helmets size medium. If you have a Good condition Corsair V or X and are looking to offload it, please let me know what you're asking for it. :)
  6. MrFrzz

    Trackside tire service cost

    I've got a decent amount of street life left on a set of Q3's that came on my bike, but they have seen at least one track day and other street miles since. I've got a set that are new that also came with the bike, but I'm not sure If I want to go ahead and mount them if I've got some meat left...
  7. MrFrzz

    WTB R1/R6 OEM Mirrors 2015 - 2018(r6)

    As title states, I'm looking to buy a pair of OEM Yamaha Mirrors for a 2015 - 2018 R1 or 2017-2018 R6 to retro fit to my bike. PM if you have any that you're willing to sell Thanks for viewing
  8. MrFrzz

    2015 R1 Mirror Bolt measurement?

    Not really TD related, but looking to see if anyone can tell me what the mounting bolt measurement is on the mirrors of a 2015+ R1 or 2017+ R6. Looking to see if i can adapt a set and eliminate my turn signals down low for when I use the bike on the street. Figure I can make a QD plug for when I...
  9. MrFrzz

    Will my suit pass tech?

    So, I am trying to get ready for my first TD, and I'm focusing on the bike, but I need to check my gear as well. I had my first wreck last July in North Carolina - The bike made it out with only about $60.00 in parts needed, but I ended up with two surgeries and some metal in my leg. Luckily I...
  10. MrFrzz

    Insert Clever new guy attention getter here

    Good afternoon all N2er's Yes its another n00b looking to get into the track day scene. I'm looking to get to the May-26th RRR track day and hopefully get to the August RRR day and possibly the CMP day in September. Looking forward to getting instruction from the vets and working on my riding...