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  1. ScottLevy

    JWM Races KTM British Junior Cup & World Final

    Follow the JWM-sponsored Anthony Mazziotto III while he competes in the KTM British Junior Cup/World Final this weekend at Silverstone. Use the live timing link below to follow Mazz (all times EDT): Fri 10/2 7:55am - FP1 12:20pm -...
  2. ScottLevy

    JWM Races MotoAmerica in RC 390 Cup

    Follow the JWM-sponsored Anthony Mazziotto III while he competes in the MotoAmerica RC390 Cup this weekend at Road America.
  3. ScottLevy

    Scott Levy's Videos

    Hey all. Just creating a spot for posting up my videos so you guys can see yourselves out there. Will also post up some laps of each track as I get to them. To kick it off, here's one from the RA July 4th weekend: 7/5/14, 1PM Advanced session looking at the hand controls:
  4. ScottLevy

    Number864's Videos

    Might as well keep 'em all in one place... Starting this from 8/31/13 onward. 8/31/2013 - Thunderbolt 12PM: 3PM: 4PM: 5PM:
  5. ScottLevy

    8/30-31 Videos

    Still putting together the other videos, but here's the 5pm A session from Sat 8/31: 4pm: - Bo, Steve and Kris are in this one 3pm: - Jeff, Steve...
  6. ScottLevy

    NJMP 8/12 Videos

    Here are the videos from 8/12 that I took: One of the morning sessions where I get passed by Geoff May comin outta 3c: Another morning session with a 3 bike crash in 3b:
  7. ScottLevy

    NYST 6/15 Videos

    Hey guys, A buncha firsts: First day of the year, first time at the track an first time shootin with the Hero2. Todd, Dion and Murph, thanks for a fantastic day! Really great time up there. I'll definitely be back! Here's the last session of the day. Enjoy...
  8. ScottLevy

    Rider T-Bones Mercedes in T-Bolt Paddock...

    Not sure if this was posted somewhere, but last weekend I rode with another club (I know I suck :)) and saw the most ridiculous accident I've ever seen. A rider comes out of the pit in gate and is doin close to 30 mph. A mercedes is rolling perpendicular to the rider, heading toward the exit...
  9. ScottLevy

    10/9-10/10 Lightning 'A' Videos

    Currently uploading. Got the latter sessions of both days. Enjoy.
  10. ScottLevy

    Converting to a Total Loss System...

    Has anyone done this? I've seen some guys push-starting their bikes so I assume they've removed the starter. I have an 04 R6 and am interested in doing this, but keeping the starter. I've heard that you need to remove the Stator to reduce the drag (if any) of the magnets as well as the...
  11. ScottLevy

    Anyone based outta Long Island?

    I hate to roll alone to the track in case anything happens. I'm wondering if anyone else is based out of Long Island and interested in caravaning it to the track this year. Drop a line if you wanna get something together.
  12. ScottLevy

    NJMP Lightning 9/21/2009 Videos

    I recorded sessions 3-6 from Monday of my horrendous riding. Sorry to whoever that was in red leathers in one of those sessions (might have been 6) where I tried late-braking in 7 and missed some gears, got a sh!t load of chatter and ran off. I realized later that my shift lever peg started...
  13. ScottLevy

    Crash in 'I' in last session @ Lightning 9/21/2009

    I was packing up yesterday near the front row in the paddock when all of a sudden all the EMS personnel ran out of the EMS room and hopped in the ambulances and headed out on the track. Apparently someone in Intermediate lost it in 7. This ended the day as they had to fly him out. I heard...
  14. ScottLevy

    Post your video links from Summit Main 9/12-9/13 here!

    I just started uploading the videos I took from 9/12-9/13 in reverse order, best ones first right? :D I had to break each of em up in 2 parts. You can find the rest of the videos from this link, just hit my channel up. Here's part 1 of session 7 from 9/13...
  15. ScottLevy

    Videos from NJMP 8/7-8/9

    Hey guys. I have all 7 Intermediate session from Friday 8/7/9 as well as all Advanced sessions on 8/8/9 and 8/9/9 (got the bump after Friday) here: Not sure if you're in any of them, but if you do find yourself and want a copy of the video, I can hook you...