Ducati 1098 street bike for sale


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*the phone audio picked up more dry clutch than exhaust, its the other way around IRL
So the bike has been passed between 3 friends from new and we are all die hard ducati/aprilia/mv owners and it has erned 32k smiles oops I mean miles over the past 11yrs or only 2800/yr. what this means is it has been perfectly reliable and practice to do long distance commuting and touring rides on over its life vs a bike that had 90% of its miles done first year than sat to rot for the rest. Had BELTS and VALVES done at 30k Tires have about the same miles. Forks and shock serviced at 25k with brakes, chain and sprockets. Oil changes once a yr at the aforementioned 2800ishmiles *

Has the following additions
and new battery and oil change on 5/11/18
-fabbri tall GP windscreen
-QD gas cap
-integrated tail turnsignals
-fender eliminator
-led turn signal front mirrors (not installed)
-rizoma bar ends
-carbon dash surround
-arrow slip ons w corresponding ecu flash
-rizoma clutch cover and billet pressure plate

*will consider trades (Rolex, vintage cars, Mercedes, bmw, bikes) if they are in my favor, cash preferred....

Shipping is no problem
Call or text anytime Eric 412.fourhundred.69zerozero DO NOT PM ME!!!!!!!

First 6999 gets it.
located south of Pittsburgh PA in washington 15031

*cliff notes for reading impaired...
-its red
-its clean & presents well
-sounds good
-up to date maintenance
-long, well proven reliability record
-your getting a "known" bike vs a low mile unloved one.
-call/text, dont pm me.