1989 Honda CB-1 street bike

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by bmart, May 3, 2020.

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    1989 Honda CB-1, $2350/BRO
    Gear driven cams and liquid cooled, one of Honda’s finest designs
    32.5k miles (I’m still riding it, so this will change)
    Owned seven of these, including this one twice (sold in 2002 and bought back in 2007)
    Adult owned, unmolested, and mostly stock
    Tank clean inside and out
    Stock exhaust w/11k miles on it
    Stock suspension w/11k miles on it
    Oil/filter done at 30k (Mobil 1 4T, always)
    At 32.5k miles:
    • Carbs cleaned
    • Chain serviced (cleaned and adjusted to 25mm)
    o New AFAM chain/sprockets (15T/42T) at 24.7k
    • NGK plugs cleaned/gapped (replaced at 26.6k)
    • Brake calipers cleaned and fluid change, pads at ½ life
    • Compression check is excellent 202-202-208-212
    • Valve adjustment (7 of 16 were barely out of spec)
    • Air filter cleaned
    Frame sliders (white)
    Custom rear set kit
    Stock levers
    Misc aftermarket blinkers
    Used rear Dunlop tire
    One mirror is a touch floppy
    Clean title
    Test ride in neighborhood with cash in hand only.
    Pickup only, no delivery.
    Feel free to ask for specific pics.

    20200503_092836_resized sm.jpg 20200503_092836_resized sm.jpg 20200503_092620_resized sm.jpg
  2. Motofun352

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    Nice looking bike. I have thought about getting one of these to pair with my '75 CB400F...too many bikes currently and am in the downsizing mode...GLWS.
  3. bmart

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    Thanks! Despite having the same name/designation, they're nothing alike. It is one of Honda's great achievements and a hoot to ride.
  4. bmart

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    FYI, there is no more spare rear tire. The nearly bald one on the bike got a hole in it on a test ride (Gods, this thing is fun to ride!) the other day, so the spare is now on the bike. :)
  5. bmart

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    IMG_5107sm.jpg 20200510_152408sm.jpg I was reminded today about this post. The bike sold on 5/6. WOOT!

    Here's the replacement with all of the goodies on it. :)

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