2007 GSXR 750 for sale

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by physicistkev, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. physicistkev

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    This is a 2007 GSXR 750 (K7) for sale.

    The details:
    2 sets of bodywork, including 2 tanks and 2 fuel pumps
    -current set has had repairs
    -second set is rashed, but can be used as is
    -both tanks have some dents, but don’t leak and have no affect on rider surfaces
    2 sets of wheels, with 2 sets of rotors
    Penske triple-clicker rear shock
    Woodcraft rear-sets
    Annitori-RL quick shifter (strain gauge, not spring activated)
    Brembo 19RCS Master Cylinder
    Power commander 5
    ECU has been flashed and tuned
    M4 exhaust
    Lightech chain adjusters with lifting attachment
    520 chain Conversion and sprockets (-1 front, +2 rear)
    Stainless steel brake lines
    Stock motor with 8230 miles

    I have had this bike for several years and it is well sorted. It is not perfect, but it is reliable and quick. I am a 220# rider, so anyone lighter or heavier will need to make suspension adjustments, but the bike handles exceedingly well. I have used Dunlop slicks and the bike comes with a set that has one day on them. The second set of wheels also has slicks that could be used for Control Riding or building familiarity with the bike, but not recommended for lap record pace. A capable rider could take delivery, immediately put it on the track and do a solid upper A pace. It is "turn key" as it sits in my garage.

    I have various spare parts beyond the ones listed that will all come with the bike. I will provide a "Bill of Sale" for this transaction. If more pictures are desired, please let me know. Located in northern Virginia.

    $4000 obo, cash only

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  2. physicistkev

    physicistkev Control Rider

    Bump $3700.
  3. Trae Proctor

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  4. physicistkev

    physicistkev Control Rider

    Sent them. If you can't see them, let me know.
  5. ninjahunter420

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    Can you send pics to robamos16@aol.com if it's still for sale.

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  6. physicistkev

    physicistkev Control Rider

    Yes. I will get you pictures when I get home.
  7. physicistkev

    physicistkev Control Rider

    Pics sent.
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  8. ninjahunter420

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    PM sent

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  9. physicistkev

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