2015 636 OEM Parts for Sale

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    Hi everyone!!

    Below is the list of parts for sale off of a 2015 636 with little over 3000 miles on it. Converting to a track bike so no need for these parts. Prices dont include shipping. Send me a message if you have any questions

    Subframe complete $876
    Complete right fairing $265
    Complete left fairing. $265
    Head Lights $260
    Nose (headlight cover)$180
    Upper right fairing. $153
    Upper left fairing $153
    Windscreen $114
    Lower right fairing $112
    Lower left fairing $112
    Rear seat. $66
    Right side tail $65
    Left side tail. $65
    TST rear light $60
    Righ Mirror $44
    Left Mirror. $44
    Front sprocket cover $39
    Center tail cover $35
    TST fender eliminator kit $30
    Cowling inner Right $13
    Cowling inner Left. $13
    Under nose cowling R $8
    Under nose cowling L. $8

    Thanks for looking!!

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