2017 Yamaha R6, PJ Jacobsen's training bike

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    PJ Jacobsen’s 2017 Yamaha R6 (his 2019 training bike)

    Bike was purchased from Mike Ruditys (Fastway Racing), has salvage title, original damage was limited to light cosmetics which I’m sure Mike will be happy to verify

    2696 miles total, of which only 300 are track miles, PJ intended to use it a lot more but various commitments meant it was seldom used

    Bike is mostly stock including suspension, extras are listed below – nothing has been taken off, this is the way PJ used it for training

    Werkes USA exhaust, same brand as used by PJ in last year’s Moto America 600 series

    Armour Bodies bodywork with Zero Gravity screen

    DB Holders clock/fairing stay

    Race clip-ons

    Good Dunlop slicks

    c/w a spare new rear Dunlop slick and the original tyres, also a new spare screen


    PM me for PJ’s number if you have a serious interest, you can deal directly with him if you wish, bike is in Westtown NY.

    cdb21953-b340-4a1b-a2a1-41bd234b7ed4.JPG cd76a08f-93cd-4f8b-adb5-73e5dc3c691e.JPG be6526ef-242b-4c3c-a225-a87443ebb1bd.JPG a9c35954-9b09-422e-a8d1-a850b762aa22.JPG 63e63823-3769-462b-ae86-89489b2cca3f.JPG 5dc81d8e-da14-451b-b734-052d24a6c06c.JPG d2b7d5aa-2264-426d-aa82-b43ffe61b41d.JPG
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