2018 5x8 enclosed trailer low profile with extras. Atlanta area

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    First. Sorry for sidewise pics

    Nearly new (less than 500 miles) garage kept.
    E-tracks on left side, and in v-nose. Currently has a plywood shelf in v-nose that is easily removable by backing out a few screws and removing 2x4’s from e-track swiveling 2x4 holders. Will also include the e-track gear hooks and e-track ratchet strap and bike ramp.

    2600.00 with Pitbull TRS (keeping the KTM pins)
    2400.00 without

    6 seven 8 two nine 6 6 two five 2
    D5945ACA-D2AF-4257-B91D-2C68B0299354.jpeg D5945ACA-D2AF-4257-B91D-2C68B0299354.jpeg 10BC5BFF-C37F-4E25-AF2C-A8FB667F4198.jpeg AD6718A2-DF28-4803-8036-E0830553114F.jpeg 18AFFACF-52DB-4D14-A3E2-D6E2FC414BD7.jpeg 7B4378FE-6918-48FE-A166-BC8CA96ABAEB.jpeg 1F7857DE-07F1-4E2D-8317-FBE11E94F36C.jpeg
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    For some reasons, i cannot see the pics, is it possible for you to upload them somewhere else or send it to me via text, i can pm you my phone number

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