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Adrenaline Traction tank grip pads

After years of using other tank grip pads and never really being happy with the products, I decided to make my own. The material is 4mm thick hydroturf and currently comes in 19 different colors and patterns. The dense foam with the pattern cut in offers the grip and control you need without making it hard to move around the bike. It also will not damage your expensive leathers.

The material is cut on a CNC router, with a hexagon pattern cut in, and the outside edges are beveled. I hand made the templates for most of the popular sportbikes out, but would be happy to make a template for any bikes that I don't currently have if requested.

Each set comes with a 3 piece matching center tank protector. Use 1, 2 or all 3 pieces together or separated. If you put the pieces together the seams will practically disappear looking like one larger piece. This allows for a custom fit for each persons bike and preference. Decals are also included!!

The feedback has been great from the riders who have used them. The best comments so far have been that they didn't notice them while riding, they are unobtrusive, and they just worked!

Choose the traditional black, or add some color and style to your bike!

These are made to order as I cant stock all of the options, so please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. If I'm heading to the same track and day as you I would be happy to bring them with me for delivery in person.

Each set is $65 including shipping. Visit Adrenaline traction on FB as well!




These pads are a great product! Donnie did his homework on this and came up with an awesome set of pads. The adhesive works great and the pads are comfortable and not obstructive to your riding, while giving you the grip you need. If anyone is considering but wants to see them up close and in person come find me at PittRace this weekend. I’m pretty easy to find!