Alpinestars GP Tech V2 Race Suit : Size 48/58 : Black/White/Red


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Selling my Alpinestars GP Tech V2 Tech Air ready race suit. I used this suit last race / track season and it has probably 10 days on it. The suits in good condition and the liner was washed after every use. Some wear on the inside of the knees and the left cuff zipper had its zipper hat replaced and some stitches to keep it in place. Brand new knee pucks. New this suit was $2000.

The suit is also Tech Air compatible and I have an Tech Air race vest that I would sell as well.

Asking $850 OBO + Shipping

Located in Kirkland, WA


The next generation of track protection is here. Descended like a golden god from knee dragger heaven, the Alpinestars Tech Air GP-Tech Race Suit is the ultimate in high-performance protection — prepared to be outfitted with the cutting-edge Tech Air Race Airbag Vest (sold separately). This second iteration of the rider-acclaimed GP Tech Race Suit has been modified to accept the Tech Air system, complete with on-board LED indicators in the sleeve.

The suit itself, just like the apex-predator original, is constructed with a mix of Kangaroo and full grain cowhide that optimizes performance protection and fit. The integrated CE protectors and external PU sliders equip the GP Tech Suit with a full arsenal of protection even before the Tech Air system enters the picture, while generous perforation helps to regulate body temperature. If ahead of the pack is where you prefer to be, the Alpinestars GP Tech Race Suit for Tech Air Race will put you there—both in terms of groundbreaking technology and the confidence to push it harder than the guy next to you.