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Any Aprilia's going to NC Bike on 21 September?

Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by Fendamonky, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Fendamonky

    Fendamonky Newb

    So this is a bit of a hail mary.. I put new wheels on my bike last weekend and, like a newb, I forgot to swap the wheel spacers from the old wheels to the new ones.Long story short, I damaged the rear ABS sensor and now my bike can't calibrate.
    I was too busy to take my bike out for a test ride during the week so that was pushed back until this morning. I've isolated the problem and called every dealership between DC and Greensboro, NC. The part is available in Texas, AZ, NJ, and San Francisco... Or at the warehouse in Georgia, lol!

    I figure this is a super long shot, but does anybody heading down this weekend happen to have a spare ABS sensor for an Aprilia RSV4/Tuono that they might be willing to part with?

    I *hope* that having non-functional ABS/TC will not fail me at tech in the morning and I'm ok to ride without it, but it sure as hell would be nice to have that safety net now that I'm used to it.

    Sorry for the last moment plea and thanks for reading!


    Levi (Fenda)
  2. Otto Man

    Otto Man John Control Rider

    You won't fail tech because of it - no worries on that end. NCBike has grip for days, make sure you got a good rear tire and you'll be fine!
  3. Fendamonky

    Fendamonky Newb

    Thanks John! Yeah I just got a call from JC saying the same thing. Good thing I've got a fresh Q3+ in the rear and a new Q4 up front, so my rubber should be fine!

    My biggest worry was potentially getting turned away for the dash lights. I've grown used to having TC/ABS over the past 5 years, but I rode without it for a long time as well. Plus, I'm still a true track newb and I'm not trying to set any records!!
  4. TimTheAsian

    TimTheAsian Fresh off the Boat Staff Member

    If we failed bikes with dash lights on, 1/2 the paddock wouldnt get to ride ever :D
  5. djhurayt

    djhurayt New Member

    besides that's what black electrical tape is for, that way you are not distracted by catching a glimpse of something glowing red, :eek: what was that...
  6. Fendamonky

    Fendamonky Newb

    I see you're a man of knowledge as well as class. I admire and respect that!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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