Astars missile suit

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  1. Twisted10

    Twisted10 New Member

    48 US. Tech air.
    $650 shipped lower 48

    I am 6’2” tall and was 225lbs. Fit great. I have lost nearly 40lbs so its gotta go. Used for 2 track days and some street.


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  2. Trae Proctor

    Trae Proctor New Member

    still available?
  3. Twisted10

    Twisted10 New Member

  4. Trae Proctor

    Trae Proctor New Member

    Do you have a picture in it ? I’m 6’3 205. I was thinking of a 48 but if you think it’s too loose i may go 46 as well. I had a 44 but it was just too tight. Thought a 46 would still be too tight in the legs.
  5. Twisted10

    Twisted10 New Member

    B030796D-9EF1-4DDC-990D-53FF5B22806D.jpeg This is the only one currently. If you want to PM me your number i can throw it on...
  6. Twisted10

    Twisted10 New Member

    Still available.

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