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Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by Alan #14, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Alan #14

    Alan #14 New Member

    Currently I track my Gen1 Busa and I'm taking her all the way to the edge of the tire with the factory size of 190-50, would I be better off running a 190-55 or a 200-50? I don't want to run out of rubber. Right now I'm running Q3's if that helps.
  2. adotjdot

    adotjdot Control Rider ATP/3C

    Use less lean angle! ;-)

    I joke but I am serious at the same time. You will find as you use your body and brakes more to steer the bike you will use less lean angle to get through the turn and have more contact patch to work with. Now the Busa might not be as nimble and have as much ground clearance as an R6 but the goal is still the same...using proper technique to minimize lean angle and still get good direction.
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  3. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex's Dad

    Also, you're not going to "run out of rubber" you're just going to discover that a wider tire means turning the bike requires more effort on your part to get teh bike to change direction.

    AJ's right..refine your technique first. You're not leaning off the bike because the more you lean the cooler it looks, or the faster you'll go...using good body position is about keeping the tire actually off the edge as much as possible and more on the meaty contact patch. You want to use the minimum amount of lean to negotiate through the corner at the speed you've determined you want to use through that specific corner in question.

    Rossi, Lorenzo, Marquez, Stoner....all the lean angle they use...they're just freaks of nature.
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  4. Alan #14

    Alan #14 New Member

    Thanks guys! The bike is heavy enough without adding more resistance to leaning into the corners. I will keep working on getting further off the bike. I have gotten better, but I know I still have a lot to learn and plenty of areas to improve.
  5. adotjdot

    adotjdot Control Rider ATP/3C

    If you are coming out to PITT this weekend, hit me up and we can have a little impromtu body position seminar ;-)
  6. Alan #14

    Alan #14 New Member

    I really wish I was but I will be working:( My next planned track day is in November at Barber.

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