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Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by Holmes, May 6, 2019.

  1. Holmes

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    I wanted to get feedback regarding changing factory tire size e.g. 190/50/17 to a 190/55/17. It is essentially for more tire options. Do people go larger, even a 200/55/17? The question is in regards to 1000cc bikes.

  2. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    Paging Alex or Mike.
  3. bmart

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    I run 03/04 R6 pair. Note that the "size" on the tire is not the tire size. You have to compare specs on the manufacturer site for width and height. The size changes as it wears. Tires flex differently. I run 180/55, 190/55, 190/60, and 200/55 Dunlops and really don't notice much of a difference other than the 180 has slightly easier turn in and slightly less edge grip (greep if you're European). Easy enough differences to ride around (a good skill to develop).
  4. mdhokie

    mdhokie New Member

    My Yamaha FZ1 came stock with 190/50. I couldn't really tell much difference switching to 190/55, but I liked it better because it made the speedometer closer to correct (~3% higher speedometer reading with 190/55 vs over 10% error with the 190/50). Sometimes there are rubbing/fitting issues if you go up too many sizes.
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  5. vinny337

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    If your going from a 190/50/17 to a 190/55/17 you won't really notice a difference. If you're going to a larger tire (200/60/17) than maybe, you'll make a few adjustments based on your feedback/feel. I run the Pirelli 200/60/17, SBK Slicks SC1/SC0, that is the only option...:D
  6. 2blueyam

    2blueyam New Member

    I had to add links to the chain to get the 200/60 Pirelli to fit on my 2003 R1 without the warmers and maybe the tire rubbing the swing arm. Stock size is 190/50. I am almost out of adjustment room on the chain. If the chain stretches much I might need to go up a tooth on the rear sprocket.

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