Custom SV1000 single exhaust


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I am selling the following custom single sided exhaust for the SV1000S, the header is from a Yoshi 3/4 system modified to take the factory flanged muffler. I bought it from someone who had it on their race SV1000S. This will get rid of your dual mufflers so you have only one single muffler. This will drop a significant amount of weight off your SV1000S and improve your ground clearance during cornering. I started wrapping the pipes in heat wrap, but decided not to finish as I bought a dedicated track bike (R6) and will keep the SV1K as my street bike.

You can use your existing slip on muffler with this setup. The gutted stock SV1000S pipe in the picture is not included but the bracket is (unless you are local). Save money by not having to spend $550+ on a single sided exhaust (Yoshi) or $800+ (M4). While the setup is not aesthetically pleasing, it is well made, and with a finished exhaust wrap job it could look amazing.

$240 local pickup