Dunlop GP-A 211 vs GP-A Pro

Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by SS6ixxer, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. SS6ixxer

    SS6ixxer New Member

    Just curious if anyone has any experience with the new Dunlop tires. Anything from tire wear vs the 211, suspension setup changes needed. How you thought the new tire made the bike steer, whatever you guys got.
  2. vinny337

    vinny337 Vin is in...Beastmode! Control Rider

    I'll let you know tomorrow or Saturday…
  3. ninjamansc

    ninjamansc THE Comstock Control Rider

    I couldn't tell the difference. Obviously the tread pattern is different. The best thing is it is marketed and endorsed as a bi-directional rear tire. So no more of the chunking when it's flipped.
  4. Huey130

    Huey130 Director Race Director

    Anne rode them at NJMP.... She loved them!
    And don't think it's a brand loyalty thing because she wasn't that big of a fan of the 212's.
  5. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex's Dad

    Huey hope you're doing better after your little getoff earlier this year.

    Were there any changes to the recommended pressures for the new GPA-Pro's, or is their recommended HOT pressures of 33F/23R still apply?
  6. raylee

    raylee Member

    I had to put a new rear on and went to Markbilt for one and asked for the GP Pro. He asked what times I was running and said that it's hard to keep heat in the tires unless you're in the sub-30 range at T-bolt and that I'd probably just end up tearing them up.
  7. vinny337

    vinny337 Vin is in...Beastmode! Control Rider

    I tried them and love the grip, including my flipped rear I got 3.5 days out it. I ran the tire pressure at 33f/23r with no issues.
  8. ridelater

    ridelater Member

    Just ran the gp pro last weekend(8477) M+ rear. Front 7455(M). Ran 33/22. Though the tire was pretty good zero complaints. I ran consistent 34' all day and had no cold tear. The guy next to me ran the same times and did have cold tear. We were both on 600, but he had a 7455 rear on which is softer. Also 33/23 .
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