Dunlop Q3 PSI info for track day?

Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by scotman623, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. scotman623

    scotman623 Member

    Just mounted a set of Q3 tires yesterday on my bike, I never tried Q3 yet. I have a track day up in Loudon N.H on Monday, 1.6 mile track that is pretty technical to ride. Weather is calling for mid 50 temps partly cloudy conditions. I am mid to fast rider in the Intermediate group and will not be using tire warmers. I put the rear at 30 psi and the front at 31 psi to start the day Sound like a good starting psi? What have you guys-girls have luck with running these tires at? Feel free to give me your feedback and let me know your thoughts on the Q3 tires..Thanks Scott
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  2. andykurz

    andykurz Member

    [h=2]Tire pressures for Q3-Q2′s? And do I use a tire warmer on them?[/h] If you are riding on the street, read your owners manual for recommended tire pressures. If you are riding on the race track, a good starting point is 32 front and 32 rear cold. After riding on the track and before you go on the street, let your tires cool, then adjust back to the pressures recommended in your bikes owners manual, Warmers are optional, but if you choose to use them, you can get tire warmer recommendations here .
  3. scotman623

    scotman623 Member

    Thanks for the above info... I am also hoping to get some people on here who have used them and what they have to say about them. Scott
  4. Murcielago311

    Murcielago311 New Member

    Zx6r forum was just discussing this. Dunlop said to start cold at 33f/31r. Then adjust to 35f/34r hot off the track. No warmers needed.

    Before I had that info, I ran last weekend starting 30/30 cold and ended up bumping up a couple psi in each after a couple sessions, which coincides with Dunlop's instructions. They were great.
  5. moman

    moman Member

    I've gone through quite a few sets of the Q3's and set them 30/30 cold and don't check pressure rest of day. Always had good grip even in the rain and they wear nicely. I always give them a full lap or two depending on ambient temp before really hitting it hard.
  6. i-Zapp

    i-Zapp New Member

    couple questions:
    1. what criteria do you use to adjust your pressure, in this case you bumped up a couple psi after each session
    2. where do you get those Dunlop instructions - that would be handy

  7. YCRS

    YCRS New Member

    We started running the Q3s at 31/31 and have gone down to 30/30 and even 29/29 on cool days...Amazing tire!
  8. i-Zapp

    i-Zapp New Member

    help me out - i'm just trying to learn, how do you know when to change your pressure - feel, tire condition, pressure change?
  9. YCRS

    YCRS New Member

    The instructors felt they warmed up a tad quicker and had better overall grip.....
  10. freeflydive

    freeflydive New Member

    Based on MarkBilt's feedback, I run 30Front/28Rear (hot) on the BMW S1000RR. I check my tires as they come off the warmers prior to the morning session and again later in the day as the ambient temp increases. The tire warmers are not necessary with the Q3's, as they warm up fairly quick...but I like riding consistently without having to do a warm up lap every session. At those pressures, the bike feels stable and responsive to my steering, where as running higher pressure (at the track) seem to require more steering input to initiate my lean angle. That's my personal experience...YMMV
  11. sv650

    sv650 Kendall

    Are those cold temps? I ran 30f/29r cold this weekend and felt OK, I'm not pushing them particularly hard though.
  12. YCRS

    YCRS New Member

  13. Alan #14

    Alan #14 New Member

    FWIW I ended up running 30/30 psi hot during my last track day. When I checked the pressure the next morning they were 22/22 psi cold. I'm hustling a Busa around the track in I class.
  14. wiggie675

    wiggie675 New Member

    Taking a coach's recommendations I ran my Q3s at 31 psi front, 28 rear HOT at Barber and it felt great. It was a cool day--ambient air temps 65 degrees F and below. Maybe barely 55 during the first session.
  15. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    I'm glad that those pressures worked out for you. I run a race front and a Q3 rear sometimes, but I run that rear at 35.5 hot off of the warmers. For me, feel and grip went down when I put in more or less. I've never run the Q3 front at any pace.
  16. wiggie675

    wiggie675 New Member

    When I say (31 psi front/28 psi rear) "felt great" I should qualify that: I have only a little track time experience so probably I am not yet able to detect fine nuances of tire performance changes based on small pressure differences. In other words take what I said with a grain of salt! That said from what I have read the Q3s seem to be fairly tolerant of quite a wide range of tire pressures without doing anything crazy.
  17. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    "Q3s seem to be fairly tolerant of quite a wide range of tire pressures without doing anything crazy." Unlike the people who use them. lol
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  18. Ketel_One

    Ketel_One New Member

    I've been running Q3s for several years starting on SV650 and later on Yam R6. I am Intermediate level and do not run warmers. I set the Q3s to 31F/30R cold at the beginning of the day. Never had any issues running Q3s. Great grip and lots of feedback for the level I am riding at.

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