First Trackday @ NJMP 10/5


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Hey all! Ed here. Signed up for my first real trackday at NJMP (10/5) under the novice group. I've been riding for 2 years on a 2016 Ninja 300. I've taken a few Total Control ARC classes and read a few books in anticipation of this. Just got a leather suit and a pair of race boots this past week.

You'll spot me on the track wearing a hi-viz airbag vest!


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Welcome aboard, if you need any help navigating your first day with us just ask a pit neighbor, one of the staff or CR’s, we all started where you are and it’s a great bunch willing to help. I’ll be there, look for 112 on a blue R1 and an orange and black ktm rc8.


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Hey Ed! Tim here, glad we could get you in (lets be real you werent just going to do 2 sessions and bounce :D). Have fun! Let us know what you think after!

darth nater

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Welcome Ed! As Tom said, if you need anything just ask. We're all invested to make sure you have a safe and fun day.


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Welcome! Ditto to all of the above. Don't hesitate with any questions. As a first time track rider, after the Novice group meeting, you'll be assigned a CR (control rider) to go out with you for the first couple of sessions (lead-follow) to show you the line and answer any questions.