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Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by sv650, May 28, 2014.

  1. sv650

    sv650 Kendall

    My Q3's are getting close to the wear bars on the right hand side after 6 days. Do most people run to/past the wear bars? At what point will they fail tech inspection?

    I only felt them slide once on my last track day, but it was probably due more to my throttle control than anything else. I'm not really sure how quickly traction starts to degrade as the tire wears?
  2. scotman623

    scotman623 Member

    I have 3 track days on my Q3 and the left side is a slick now, NO wear bars at all...So you can get more out of them I think and I would and did. I will be changing it out now though, go till the wear bars are gone if you feel you can with your skill level, if your thinking they are not safe change them. Remember I just gave you how I use the Q3 tires, you do what you feel is safe for you, I LOVE backing into corners though. I can not answer the tech question, but I passed the last 2 times out.
  3. Mikey75702

    Mikey75702 Member

    A CR could confirm, but I think the riders manual states the tires have to have a few 32nds of tread (like at or more tread than the wear bars) to pass tech... I would run them to the wear bars... maybe just past if the tire had enough to pass tech in the morning.
  4. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    If you have to ask the question........you've already answered it.

    Riders Manual says 1/2 tread in the center. However I can tell you that I've had some shagged tires that had more than 1/2 tread in the center. Seriously, you never want to go out and have any question as to the condition of your equipment.
  5. sv650

    sv650 Kendall

    Thanks for the info guys. I feel they're safe for at least another day, but I'll probably just swap them out anyway because my front rim is bent and needs to be replaced.
  6. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex's Dad

    When in doubt, swap it out.

    And if you choose to not ride in the rain, flipping your tire after each weekend would have helped you extend the life of this rear tire. I flip my rear slick after every 2 days and it helps save on the tire budget.

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