R6 Wheels and Micron High Mount

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    R6 wheels for sale: Came off 2003 R6

    Includes Front and rear rotors, axles from 2006 R6, rear caliper bracket, spacers, cush drive, dampers and 525 sprocket off 2006 R6.

    Not sure what years they fit but with supplied axles they should fit up to 2007. Wheels are straight and in good condition with polished lips.

    Asking $350 plus shipping.

    Mircon High Mount exhaust

    Includes: Exhaust can, Mid pipe, strap and springs. Exhaust can has been painted black with high temp paint which is wearing off. It's in good condition with no damage, just a little ugly.

    Asking $75 plus shipping.

    Located in Raleigh, NC 27525

    Brian 813-325-1653

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