Stompgrip OR Techspec or . . .


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I use Eazi-grip uk. Same concept but they have 3 different types to suit your style. Also there most aggressive one is same as the stomp grips but material is softer so does less damage to your leather or jeans

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Theres another option! I'm actually starting a new business making tank grip pads from the surfboard traction material. The material is 4mm thick and will be CNC cut with a pattern in it for mechanical grip, and beveled edges. They are cut bike specific, and I've made templates for about 25 bikes right now. Just placed the first order for myself, some friends.

Theres alot of choices for color and pattern, and will come with the center tank pad as well. We cut this set from a piece of scrap just to check sizing. This is a thicker 5mm material, no pattern cut in and edges aren't beveled. This is on an R1.


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I went with stomp grip again, for the 3rd time on my 3rd bike! Love it, my trackbike came with shitty techspec on it, got rid of that shit. stompgrip wears out leathers "fast"? My Ninja 650R has had it on for 9 years and never wore out leathers at all, dunno what you guys are doing! :)