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Discussion in 'Event Photography' started by NProductions, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. NProductions

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    Hello Everyone :)

    I was your Photographer for Saturday, July 6th. The goal was to try and shoot the entire weekend but with the late notice, I was not able to clear my entire weekend to cover the event. Instead, I decided to at least come out for Saturday to provide you guys and ladies with what I could.

    Apologies in advance!

    Photos are currently uploading, they may be finished by the time you see this thread. You can view them in our Gallery Section at

    If you're interested in your photos, please reach out to me.


    Thanks again everyone! Until then, be safe and see you guys next time! You are all beasts for braving that heat lol.

    Here are some samples for the time being. Thanks for having me!



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    Does anyone know if there was a photographer there on Sunday?

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