Toy Hauler - 2019 Heartland Torque T314


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View attachment 7375 3954A2A8-9982-43B7-AF31-F8C2DF80F7CF.jpeg 304A80BE-E0A3-4CA1-88D6-8ADB9102C168.jpeg E54A5B7A-CAC5-408E-AB08-3F286D400B3C.jpeg 10BA53B4-B7B1-434D-9DE3-C41FA54915F2.jpeg C131C38E-97AD-4582-837F-9BFF060625B9.jpeg DD77794C-D9FE-4188-BD12-85CE344A85C7.jpeg EED075A6-161D-4277-BC23-191BF6E5CC70.jpeg 2187780E-A21F-4597-9B9B-28C5DADD1480.jpeg 2019 Heartland Torque model T314
Used 1 season. Fully set up for track use.
14’ garage. Sleeps max 8. GVWR 12,800 lbs. Full kitchen, master king bedroom and bathroom, living room, 55” TV, 20 Gallon gas tank with pump, 2 propane tanks.
Purchased it new for $43800.
From the dealer I paid extra for upgrades which included:
50 AMP electric system, 5500 W onboard generator, patio deck package, 5 year protective exterior coating.
Items I added on after purchasing include:
Progressive Industries hardwired 50 AMP EMS surge and electrical protector, 4 pitbull restraint systems in the garage to haul 4 bikes, extended 50 AMP electric cable to 60’, camera system on all 4 sides of the trailer. About $46000 invested in the trailer.
Have clean title in hand.
Asking $35,000.