US N-Tec vs DOT Supercorsa SC

Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by jtdbsr, May 5, 2014.

  1. jtdbsr

    jtdbsr New Member

    Need new tires soon and thinking about trying the Dunlops, but the only choice I see for the front is medium and medium +. I know this maybe an apples to oranges type of comparison, but how does the Dunlop 7455 front slick compare to the SC1 front DOT Supercorsa?

    What should I expect traction wise? Feedback? Wear?
  2. USMC_10

    USMC_10 New Member

    I have been struggling with this same question all last season. That said, after talking to a number of racers and CRs, I went with the Supercorsas and haven't looked back. I use the SC2s, and honestly could not ask for a better tire. Now only if I can get a little more use out of them..hehehe!!!
  3. Otto Man

    Otto Man John Control Rider

    Went from 211GPA's to the Super Corsas with the 180/60 this year. I'm not going back to the Dunlops. Ran the SC2 front/ SC1 rear combo at Summit Point last November with WERA. Tore up the rear pretty bad, even though it wasn't THAT cold out (65-ish). Ran SC2's front and rear at NCBIKE this past weekend. Fantastic grip, but I did manage to smoke the rear down to the wear bars in just two days. Then again, NCBIKE is a very abrasive (Though smooth feeling) track that eats tires, so it's not limited to just Pirelli's.
  4. jtdbsr

    jtdbsr New Member

    I was at NCBIKE this past weekend too, had a blast! I only did Saturday, but my tires are just about at the wear bars as well with only a half a day of track use prior to this weekend. SC1 front/SC2 rear. Last season I was able to get 7! days out of the front and 4 out of the rear. Not looking good for my tire budget so far.. The tires are not chewed up either, just no rubber left.

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