What bike did you want...until you rode it?

Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by bmart, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. bmart

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    Like a lot of things in life, research can take us only so far. We've all bought things based on what we read and what others tell us and then are hit with that wall of disappointment and regret. For me it was two street bikes, a 2002 R1 and a 2007 R6. Both terribly uncomfortable and with power or a power band that was just a bad match for regular street riding. I also had the opposite luck with my 748, which I absolutely loved.

    But the one that answers my posed question is a 1998 Laverda Ghost Strike. Lovely to look at, but I hated riding it (fortunately on a test ride!). Parallel twins have never done it for me, having enjoyed riding only the TDM, and I'm glad that Laverda never made it into the garage. Still, I absolutely love the styling.

    What's yours?


  2. Motofun352

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    RZ500. Wonderful bike, absolutely sucked on the street. My guess is it had 35 hp below coming on the pipe(s)....85 hp after. I know I'm just making that up but that's the way it felt. Lord help you if you hit the transition mid corner...Funny thing is I lusted after it because I enjoyed my RZ350 so much.....
  3. bmart

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    My buddy just sold his mint low mile RZ350 last week! I never got around to riding it.

    I also loved my MuZ, nicknamed the wall of sound...

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