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Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by Fahad, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Fahad

    Fahad New Member

    Hi guys does anyone here have a discount code for YCRS 2 day program? I took ATP at barber and the instructors there mentioned that they can provide us with a code

    Feel free to reply or PM me if you have it

    I am committed to doing the YCRS in Arizona


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  2. Str8_Lurkin

    Str8_Lurkin Member

    Unless it's been changed its N2ROCKS.
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  3. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    See you in March if you make that one
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  4. Fahad

    Fahad New Member

    I am going to the one in Feb so I can be rocking and rolling for the 2019 season

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  5. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Fahad, yes... it is N2ROCKS and will provide you with a 15% discount. We'll see you then!
  6. Fahad

    Fahad New Member

    Thanks Rob! I signed up for the school in Feb - I hope to see you there as well!!

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