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    PittRace Saturday May 13, rain report.

    Sorry to hear about the incident, but glad to see you're in good spirits and look forward to seeing you back out on track after you've recovered!
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    Critique my plan…

    30 in the front is way too low. It was barely 50 degrees on this day back in October. Run your usual pressures and send it. Backmarker's recommendation at 36/26 is where you want to be.
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    My helmet OK?

    Assuming there's no crash damage and it's in otherwise sound shape, you're good!
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    Pleasing the masses

    Great post by @virtualsolitude. I can say without a doubt I've been in many Intermediate sessions and there were some absolute dive bomber brakers out there. Legit. Like, holy shit I think they might be able to out brake me. However, it was very late, very abrupt, and most of them had the...
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    Getting into racing

    tdelegram (Tom) is a sight for sore eyes but he's a good dude and will get you taken care of and help walk you through the process! Don't think I'll be there that weekend otherwise I'd volunteer to help out in person as well.
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    NC Bike thoughts?

    It's got great facilities and if it's working in a work trip to-boot...absolutely worth doing! Go ride it yourself and formulate your own opinion. :cool:
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    2021 8.5’ x 24' ATC Quest 305 custom enclosed trailer

    It even matches my truck...can I borrow $40k? :rofl:
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    2004 Yamaha R6

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    2004 Yamaha R6

    - 26k miles - Clean title - Vortex case covers, Woodcraft frame sliders, Woodcraft clip ons, and slider spools - New 520 chain and sprockets - Optimal bodywork - Stainless steel brake lines - GPR steering damper - 2Bros exhaust with PC3 and tune. Located in Ellicott City, MD. Can deliver to...
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    Do I need numbers?

    Numbers are used by the corner worker to aide in identifying crashes and last bike on track for the end of the session. Make them big, with contrasting colors. 4" tall gray numbers on a black background is not a good idea.
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    Tire warmer question

    It won't hurt but it might not help all that much easier. Main reason that comes to mind is how early you leave your pit. If you're going to head down to the grid on first call, your tires are going to be cold before you even get out on track as you sit on pit row for 5+ minutes. And in a case...
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    Gopro ADVICE

    This isn't dirt bikes, not only would I not want a gopro on my chest for safety reasons, it would make for terrible video to try and watch.
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    30 amp @summit point

    Yes, plenty of 30 amp spots. There is a security/electric guy that rolls around in the paddock quite frequently. IIRC there's a phone number on the power boxes, but if you leave the hazards on your tow vehicle, they'll stop by.
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    Pittrace Bad Crash 4/23/2022

    First and foremost, so glad you are here with us given your situation. Your specific loss of brakes into T7 isn't unheard of. Several people have experienced the same thing. Of course all we can do is spectulate for each case, but I personally have had a few head shake moments and had a time...
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    2 bikes on one track day.

    Yep, bring both bikes through tech and you're good to go.