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  1. beevan217


    Does anyone have any news on how Judy is doing? I saw her briefly after the incident but, didn't after awhile. Just would like to know that she's ok.
  2. beevan217

    Paging SHAGMOTO..... Gloves needed@ Summit Point for Sunday

    I'm trying to pick up a good set of gloves for Sunday(4/9/12) @ Summit Point. Looking for either Teknic, A Stars or a similar type of gloves. Price is up to $150, colors black, white, blue, grey, silver or some combo of these colors. Thanks in advance, Barron
  3. beevan217

    FS: 2007 R6 Street Fairings headlight $600 OBO

    I have a set of Charcoal Gray street plastics (except stock fender, have aftermarket front fender), headlight assembly, mirrors, passenger seat, stock clip ons & rear sets for sale. I am looking for $600 OBO I'm located in Queens, NY. If interested, send an email to beevan217 at yahoo dot com...
  4. beevan217

    '07 R6 Street fairings Headlight

    I have for sale a set of Charcoal gray street fairings for a 2007 R6. Included in this sale will be the mirrors, rear sets, passenger seat. The front fender is the only piece not available. Price is $750 + shipping (price MAY be negotiable with a decent offer)
  5. beevan217

    Help with 07 R6 kickstand removal

    What needs to be done to remove kickstand from an 07 R6? If I just take it off, will the bike start? Do I need any special switches or anything? Thanks in advance
  6. beevan217

    My First Full A Day

    Looking back at my time with NESBA since 10/2006, I've learned a lot about this passion of ours. I've also learned a lot about myself, my friends, my abilities & limits. I say this to say that being "bumped" to "A", has been a rewarding experience for me. All of the help & information I...
  7. beevan217

    WTB:Vortex rear set brake bracket relocator exhaust hanger

    I need a these parts for an '07 R6. I will be at NJMP 7/19 if anyone has them. Reach me here or email me at: beevan217 at yahoo dot com Thanks in advance
  8. beevan217

    Better camera- Go Pro HD or Vholdr Contour??

    Looking for a new camera & I'm curious of opinions of these 2 cams. Mainly looking for info on best video & audio quality, bang for buck, video stability, editing ease, best or easiest to mount on bike. I think that's all LOL. Any feedback?? Thanks in advance
  9. beevan217

    Thanks Chris, Will My friends

    I want to give a big thanks to Chris Kubricky for running a great weekend, for all his assistance & effort to make sure we all had a fun weekend. To CR Will: For the past couple of track days, you've helped me with some sticking points I had at a couple of tracks, helped my confidence which...
  10. beevan217

    Membership Expiration...

    I would like to know why I'm being charged a "non" memeber fee ($215) for the 5/24 NJMP Thunderbolt date if my membership doesn't expire until 5/19/10?? Someone please assist me with this issue. Thank you in advance, Barron Van Brackle
  11. beevan217

    Paging Calain814racing

    Cal, What's up man? Wondering if you'll be at VIR this weekend. My crew & I will be arriving Saturday afternoon, riding Sunday & Monday. Hope you make it, would be good to see bro. Hope all is well with you & the family.
  12. beevan217

    WOW.......... Are you KIDDING ME??!!!???

    This was a first for me....:wow: Early in the day@ NJMP Thunderbolt, there was a rider in the "B" group, not sure if he was an actual "B" rider or Intro rider but, while in turn 1 a rider crossed onto the same line as he (was still around 6-7 feet ahead of rider) & the following rider BLEW...
  13. beevan217

    My Gratitude to the NESBA staff @NJMP 8/25/08

    I again just want to extend my sincerest thanks for the way in which my situation was handled by Bobby G, Buck, Todd, Lenny & Dale. You gentlemen are TOP NOTCH & truly dealt with my issue with concern & professionalism. I am grateful for your understanding & assistance. THANKS AGAIN!! :adore: :D
  14. beevan217

    Important:please read respond asap...

    I would like to know if anyone has any info on whether the '06 & '03 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 oil pans are interchangeable. I will have one available to me at the track thanks to Dale but, need to know if there would be leakage issues. They are basically the same shape EXCEPT one corner is slightly...
  15. beevan217

    8/25 Thunderbolt EMERGENCY

    If ANYONE is coming to NJMP Thunderbolt on Monday & has access to or knows someone that does have access to an oil drain pan for an '03 ZX6R 636 I NEED ONE BADLY!!!! I can be contacted via the forum or via email at beevan217@yahoo dot com Thanks in advance, Barron :argh: :banghead: :mad:
  16. beevan217

    Wtb: 2003 zx6r 636 oil pan (emergency!!!!)

    I will be at NJMP Thunderbolt on August 25 (Monday) & need an oil pan for my bike. The threads cracked up the stem(?) while removing a too tight drain bolt. If ANYONE has access to one or knows someone that does & can bring to track with them it will be GREATLY appreciated. Please contact me...
  17. beevan217

    Wtb: 2003 zx6 636 oil drain pan now!!!

    I will be at NJMP August 25 & need an oil drain pan for my track bike. It is an '03 ZX6 636 if ANYONE has this & will be at NJMP Monday PLEASE contact me either by email ( or by cell (347) 245-6156. I have another bike but, I don't want to use it but will if I HAVE to.
  18. beevan217

    Putting out feeler:2002 GSX-R 750 may be FS

    A friend of mine is thinking about selling his 2002 GSXR 750. It is clean (looking & title) but it has chrome frame, swingarm & rims. Yellow & black street plastics. Would the chrome be an issue for it to be used as a track bike due to the extra weight of the chrome?? I am waiting for pics...
  19. beevan217

    Changing clutch plates in an '03 zx6 636...

    I have an '03 636 with over 26k miles on it. I have been having slippage issues with while trying to accelerate out of corners. I spoke with "THE PROFESSOR" about it & he concluded that it needs new clutch plates. My questions are: (1) Is it difficult to do myself or should I take it to a...