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  1. Regularguy

    Dunlop take offs

    We have a pile of take offs from running 3 twins cup bikes in the Moto America series. Most of the fronts are 2662. The rears are 097 or 0455. 180/60 rears only. Located in North Carolina.
  2. Regularguy

    RBoM Racing 2006 SV650 endurance bike

    2006 SV650. Low mileage endurance spec motor. 1st gen crank, upgraded rods, upgraded trans, nikasil cylinders, lightened flywheel assembly, 1g clutch cover for easy clutch access, cut heads and a valve job. 77hp on pump gas. Bike is equipped with a stock size tank with dry break. Will go approx...
  3. Regularguy

    RBoM 2003 SV650 endurance bike

    Stock forks with TWF GSXR cartridges, fresh Penske triple shock, Power Commander, Leo Vince full system, Vortex rear sets, unknown brand clip ons, R6 master cylinder, the key switch has been deleted. Engine was refreshed last winter and installed mid-season 2018. Currently has two endurance...
  4. Regularguy

    Endurance at Barber GNF?

    I haven't heard much about it lately. Do we have to have a minimum amount of entries to get Sean to commit? Maybe open up pre entries to get the numbers, and if we don't get the numbers, return the dough? I want to see it happen!
  5. Regularguy

    SV650 endurance tanks

    Two endurance tanks. One is for 99-02 SV650, the other is for 03-09 SV650. Both are oversize and will get you to an hour twenty. Dry break ring and vent welded in. PM for details
  6. Regularguy

    Winning RBoM R3 Cup bike

    A very well sorted 2015 YZF R3 used by Xavier Zayat to win the 2017 R3 Cup at the WERA GNF. Clean and clear North Carolina title. Quality Armourbodies bodywork, Ohlins shock and Ohlins cartridges built by Thermosman right before the GNF. M4 exhaust, Bazzaz fuel controller, BMC air filter...
  7. Regularguy

    VIR N2/WERA Endurance

    If anyone is interested in doing the endurance but does not have a team, there are several teams looking for riders. Take a look at the thread on the WERA Forum and feel free to post if you are looking for a ride or if you're looking for teammates...
  8. Regularguy

    NJMP N2/WERA tire vendor?

    What tire vendors are going to be there?