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  1. Kruizen

    Wytheville va

    Anyone in the wytheville Va area? Looking to park a vehicle for a weekend.
  2. Kruizen

    Gear needed summit July 6

    Looking to borrow some gear for a friend, need: Size 54 or 56EU suit Back protector Size 11 boots Let me know what you have. Thanks -Eric
  3. Kruizen

    NJMP 5/20

    Don’t rush getting here, they aren’t letting us in until 7pm :(
  4. Kruizen

    Ncbike poker after dark

    How about a game Saturday night: Anyone interested in playing a low stakes($20 buy in-Blinds=.25 small .25 big) Texas Hold’em game either Friday night or Saturday night. This would be a friendly game open to anyone that wants to play, so beginners welcome . Play in the classroom where we will...
  5. Kruizen

    After hours Pitt 9/15-16

    Anyone interested in playing a low stakes($20 buy in-Blinds=.10 small .25 big) Texas Hold’em game either Friday night or Saturday night. This would be a friendly game open to anyone that wants to play, so beginners welcome. thinking we could set up a table in one of the upper garages. If I...
  6. Kruizen

    Va beach to Pitt 8/15-16

    Anyone coming from the VA beach area that could grab a set of rims from Richard bell, and bring them to Pitt August 8/15 or 16.
  7. Kruizen

    Kawi 300 415 rear sprocket

    Need one for road Atlanta, this weekend. Thanks -Eric
  8. Kruizen

    Nc bike June 2/3 roll call

    Alexis and I will be there! Who else is coming?
  9. Kruizen

    Barber info questions

    Signed up for Barber in November and have a couple of questions: 1. When can we get in? Want to spend Friday doing the museum. 2. Is camping/power included,like other tracks? If not what are the costs. 3. Sunday do we need to leave immediately or can we leave Monday morning(5am or so)...
  10. Kruizen

    BMW infared Laptimer

    For sale, BMW 2D infared laptimer(sending unit and receiver) this is the plug and play unit that shows RPMs, top speed, laptime etc right on your dash. I'm also including the battery for the sending unit. All you need is a BMW to use this with. $250 shipped in US, this is over 1/2 off retail.
  11. Kruizen

    Astars VS SIDI

    I have always worn A*stars SMX plus boots, but I have a tendency to wear my toe slider out(pain to find correct year slider and they don't make a magnesium one for the new boots) and put a hole in the sole of the boot with the peg. I'm thinking about the SIDI Mag-1 boots, literature says they...
  12. Kruizen

    Road Atlanta help needed

    I need to have a rear set overnighted-too arrive Friday, is there someone in Atlanta that can accept this and give it to me Friday night at the track? Thanks -Eric Ekruizenga@ 757-814-1987 cell
  13. Kruizen

    July 3/4

    Will you be at RA July 3/4?? Want some help setting up the suspension on a new bike.
  14. Kruizen

    QS pull sensor and linkages

    New Dynojet power commander V Quick shifter pressure pull sensor(4-113)$210, mounted this on the Buell and decided that I'm done putting money into this bike so I'm selling it. never even plugged it in. Coming with this as a BONUS is the 6 piece Dynojet Aluminum Shift Rod Kit, I have...
  15. Kruizen

    WTB: women's 1 piece size 36

    My daughter is starting to ride and wants to get on the track, so as the title says we are starting to look for a 1 piece for her: Women euro size 36, us size 0 She's 5'3" 115lbs Inseam is 29-30 Ekruizenga at Thanks
  16. Kruizen

    Shoei rf-1100 parts/shields

    Make offers just cleaning the closet. Switched to arai so I don't need these anymore.
  17. Kruizen

    VA track Buell riders

    Trying to get an idea of how many of us there are. So if your in the dc, md, va area post up name and bike type, and where your at. I'd also like to see if we couldn't get a group of us to ride a track day.
  18. Kruizen

    CCS Summit Memorial Weekend roll call

    Who will be there? I should be getting up there between 9pm-10 Friday night.
  19. Kruizen

    Change forum colors???

    Maybe it's just me, the forum is cool to look at but I have issues reading the green. Can I change the colors so that when I log in its a different color. An example is I was able to do it on their forum. The black background is what I really want to change. Thanks
  20. Kruizen

    name this peg

    Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of this peg? Thanks