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  1. LarsDunaway

    Questions about NCBIKE

    I will be stopping by on Saturday to see some old friends :)
  2. LarsDunaway

    2004 Suzuki SV650 Race Bike, Raleigh NC, $4,000

    May consider parting this out. Let me know if interested in any parts.
  3. LarsDunaway

    2004 Suzuki SV650 Race Bike, Raleigh NC, $4,000

    The time has come to move on to other things in life. Selling my 2004 Sv650. It has clean title, I bought it as a street bike and converted to a race bike. All the standard mods... - GSXR cartridges in forks - Ohlins shock - Ohlins steering damper - PC3 usb with quick shift - Full Hindle exhaust...
  4. LarsDunaway

    Nc bike June 2/3 roll call

    Can anybody help transport an exhaust and a tail section from the raleigh/durham area to ncbike?
  5. LarsDunaway

    How to evaluate life left in used slicks?

    I'm in the same boat, Brad. I won a few novice championships on take-offs :) That said, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody unless they're riding at a level sufficient to explore the limits on each set of tires, and not go any further. Otherwise, it can cost them a lot more than just buying a new...
  6. LarsDunaway

    Beware cheap knockoffs

    Wow, thanks for the heads up. To be clear, the Makita batteries were Li-Ion, and not NiCd? I have a knockoff 18V NiCd for my dewalt tools that works great, but if there is an explosion risk- goodbye!
  7. LarsDunaway

    Winning RBoM R3 Cup bike

    Does it come with the stock cams too? :devil:
  8. LarsDunaway

    Congrats to the N2 riders at NJMP

    Tentative rules look pretty superbikey- and very few of the current club racers' SVs will make it onto the homologation list, most likely :( with the rules they're suggesting, it'll take $20k to put together a competitive bike. The competition will be stiff as hell too- with the people I know of...
  9. LarsDunaway

    2009 Ducati Monster 1100 - $6,000, Raleigh NC

    Selling my 2009 Ducati Monster 1100. It's in very good condition. It has a couple of modifications- Vance & Hines exhaust (loud), Rizoma grips, CRG bar end mirrors, tons of carbon fiber, and of course to fix the notorious Ducati battery issues- a new Shorai Li-Ion battery and a 4 gauge battery...
  10. LarsDunaway

    CMP 9/2 - 9/3... Thanks from Pittsburgh

    It was great to meet you, Dustin. I'm glad you made the trek down. No PIRC for me for a while, but i WILL be at ncbike in October. Stop by and say hey, and maybe we'll be able to work together again!
  11. LarsDunaway

    Hello from CLT

    Welcome aboard! It was a fun weekend, I had a good time there.
  12. LarsDunaway

    1999 sv650 track bike $1200

    Do you have any way to get the bike down south- either to CMP this weekend or NCBIKE next weekend, or to NC in general?
  13. LarsDunaway

    CMP Roll Call Sep 2/3

    There goes the neighborhood
  14. LarsDunaway

    CMP Roll Call Sep 2/3

    I'm in!
  15. LarsDunaway

    C Superbike Novice Champion for Atlantic Coast!!!

    I guess this means you'll finally be taking white plates, huh? :bumpme:
  16. LarsDunaway

    C Superbike Novice Champion for Atlantic Coast!!!

    Congrats buddy! That's a good feeling
  17. LarsDunaway

    VIR N2/WERA Endurance

    It was some of the most fun I've had racing. Definitely can't wait for more next year- now I have some more incentive to get in better shape and ride faster.
  18. LarsDunaway

    VIR N2/WERA Endurance

    Endurance at CMP- oh imagine the tire usage!
  19. LarsDunaway

    Need suggestions on tire changing machines

    Great information. John, I have a compressor similar to yours, runs most things pretty well. I also have three sets of rims for my SV650- one set keeps rains permanently mounted, and the other sets allow me to plan ahead for the weekend based on my needs. I also don't mind using trackside...