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  1. selztoad

    NCBIKE September 18-19

    Photos and videos are up! Please email to order NCBIKE Sep 18_19 - Apex Pro Photo (
  2. selztoad

    NCBIKE July 25

    Hey Guys Sorry we didnt have any coverage saturday, but all of Sunday is up. NCBIKE July 25 - Apex Pro Photo (
  3. selztoad

    VIR FULL COURSE photos

    Novice is 100% uploaded and I and A are uploading cheers!
  4. selztoad

    VIR FULL COURSE photos

    Yesterday's Photos are uploading here... JULY 5th VIR FULL COURSE - Apex Pro Photo ( I hope to have the entire day uploaded late tonight. PS... I am a REALTOR (R) so let me know if you need any real estate help ;) Thanks everyone
  5. selztoad

    NCBIKE June 19 and 20

    Photos are up N2_NCBIKE_June 19_20 - Apex Pro Photo ( email to order
  6. selztoad

    VIR north photos

    Hey All, Photos are being processed and uploaded here VIR North June 15 - Apex Pro Photo ( Email to order yours thanks as always for your support!
  7. selztoad

    Who's in for VIR North Monday June 14th

    can't wait!
  8. selztoad

    June 7 Summit Main

    All photos are done, Advance is uploading now. Thanks everyone
  9. selztoad

    June 7 Summit Main

    Photos will be finished and uploaded today. Thanks
  10. selztoad

    June 7 Summit Main

    Hey All I had 4 days of shooting to process and upload so I may be a little slower than usual. Photos will be uploading to this gallery June 7 Summit Main - Apex Pro Photo ( If you would like to purchase yours email Thanks!
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    thanks for the business!
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    Pics are sorted and uploading now! SOUTH COURSE May 20th - Apex Pro Photo ( Email to order thanks!
  13. selztoad

    NCBIKE May 1 and 2

    Finally all are sorted working Summit pics
  14. selztoad

    Shenny and Summit Main

    Hey Guys, I got back rather late and will be finishing up NCBIKE today and hope to have Summit pics up tomorrow. The galleries will be uploaded here Summit_Shenny_Main_MAY 3_4 - Apex Pro Photo ( Please email to order.
  15. selztoad

    NCBIKE May 1 and 2

    i am uploading unsorted previews until I can get them sorted and quality control done.
  16. selztoad

    NCBIKE May 1 and 2

    N2 Track Days Photos will be uploaded here NCBIKE_May_1_2 - Apex Pro Photo ( for NCBIKE. However I have only been able to sort Intermediate from saturday. It will likely be tuesday night before all of the weekend is uploaded. Sorry for the delay. Email to...
  17. selztoad

    2016 Yamaha R1 $13750

    Looking to build a KTM 890 or 790. Price $13750 is firm and not looking to part OUT at the moment thanks :) 2016 R1 45xx Miles Clean Title (signed over to me, in process of transfer into my name (can provide proof of title) It has only about 500 track miles Ohlins FGRT Forks Ktech DDS Pro Rear...
  18. selztoad

    CMP Oct 17 and 18

    Donation made, thanks everyone and we look forward to 2021!!
  19. selztoad

    Apex Pro Photo Donation Update

    We are sending our CMP donation this weekend for JF
  20. selztoad

    ISO Rear Rim R1

    I saw one on ebay