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  1. Mike:p

    New bike suggestions wanted

    I’m considering going back to a pure sport bike from my FZ6. The first day I rode my bike after a few hours I was like wow that’s uncomfortable but I imagined I would get used to it, the FZ6 is more upright than my R6 was, but here I am literally 10 years later and I’m still not used to it...
  2. Mike:p

    Looking for a new double duty bike.

    Sup N2 Crew! I’m looking into getting a new bike mostly for comfort reasons. I’ve had my current ride is a 2007 FZ6 that I’ve owned since 2009. I love pretty much everything about it except when commute for more than 30 minutes I find my hands going numb-ish and a little discomfort in my wrists...
  3. Mike:p

    Credits for sale

    I have $160 that I need to get rid of by September. I have never sold credits before so I’m just looking for a fair offer.
  4. Mike:p

    Complete track day setup $5000

    I’m going to step back from track riding for a while and I see no sense in letting my stuff sit. I’m selling everything I have that is track day related. This setup is perfect for someone starting out and with the trailer being so small and light you can tow it with almost any vehicle. 2018...
  5. Mike:p

    Honda eu2000i for sale

    Like the title says I have a good running eu2000i for sale. I’m don’t know what year it is but I do know it runs fine. It ran 2 days straight at Road Atlanta and 2 at Barber last year. I changed the oil over the winter and filled the tank with fresh stabil gas. I did start it last week just to...
  6. Mike:p

    How to practice when not at the track??

    I’m looking for pointers on things that I can practice during my commute. I ride my bike 5 days a week to school and back, 45 minutes each way. It’s mostly a straight ride on a 4 lane highway with speed limits between 55 and 65. I ride about 65 to 75 respectively. Outside of lighter faster...
  7. Mike:p

    Looking way ahead

    You probably think I mean on the track but no. That’s not what I’m asking about. At the end of next year I will be moving south so I won’t be able to get to the northern tracks for a while. So I’m planning on making next season northern tracks only and as many as I can get. I have already rode...
  8. Mike:p

    Cheetah body??

    Has anyone ever heard of cheetah motorcycle bodies? Good, bad, cheap, expensive any info would be appreciated. I’m thinking about buying a used one but I’m not really interested in junk.
  9. Mike:p

    390 Super Duke too tall

    A guy I know just bought a Super Duke. He loves the bike however he is only 5’2” and can hardly reach the ground with his toes. Is there anything he can do to lower the FRONT and rear? He is concerned about affecting the handling of the bike.
  10. Mike:p

    WTB 09 Cbr600rr parts

    I’m looking for parts for my track bike. I prefer Woodcarft but willing to entertain other brands. New or used The list: Clip-ons Case covers Rear sets Frame sliders Toe guard Axel sliders
  11. Mike:p

    Parts to help the bike survive the crash?

    After my low side in turn 5 last November at Barber I began to think about how to help my bike survive anymore mistakes on my part. I was very lucky, no injuries and no real damage to my bike other than scratches on stator cover, bar end and plastics. I was back on the track in the next...
  12. Mike:p

    Long term bike storage???

    I only get to the track for one full weekend a year or maybe two weekends if I’m lucky. I used my FZ6 until this last year when I began using a track only CBR600RR. Storage was never an issue with the FZ6 because I ride it to school 5 days a week and every weekend during the summer when...
  13. Mike:p

    Coolant flush and fill ?’s for on and off track motorcycles.

    I have 2 bikes that I will be flushing and filling this winter, a 2007 Yamaha FZ6 and 2009 Honda CBR600RR. The FZ is my commuter bike with 32,000 miles on it. The coolant has never been changed but has been checked. Never a drop missing and still has good boiling and freezing points. How many...
  14. Mike:p

    Live in Atlanta? Coming to Barber? Make $50

    I have a strange offer for someone living in Atlanta that will be coming Barber this November. My wife is on a strict Keto diet and there is a bakery in Atlanta that makes Awesome Keto friendly desserts. I brought her several different desserts from there when I was at Road Atlanta and she was...
  15. Mike:p

    Looking for a mentor at RA

    New to me bike, new to me track, horrible body position, etc. You name it and I probably will need help in that area. Any CRs interested in putting up with me all weekend? :geek: I was hoping someone could give me an unofficial tech Friday evening. I don’t want any issues Saturday morning...
  16. Mike:p

    WTB 09 CBR600RR windscreen

    I’m looking for a clear, mostly scratch free windscreen for my cbr. It’s an 09, so whatever years fit. I think its from 2009-2012. I will be replacing my Puig windscreen if someone is interested in it. I will be at Road Atlanta next weekend. PM me so we can text pictures, discuss price and...
  17. Mike:p

    Electricity Road Atlanta?

    What’s the scoop on power at Road Atlanta? Availability? Cost? Enough for everyone? First come first served? Can it be reserved? Thanks
  18. Mike:p

    What kind of camera?

    I’m looking into getting a GoPro for track use only. I will probably just get a used one from Craigslist. Any suggestions on which one and what it’s worth used?
  19. Mike:p

    Friday is missing

    A while back I paid for all 3 days this weekend at NCBike. On Monday I got rear ended while at work, which put me behind and now I cannot make it to NCBike at all. I went to my dashboard to cancel all 3 days on Monday night but only Saturday and Sunday were there. I canceled them but Friday is...
  20. Mike:p

    What do you think this means?

    I have a 2009 CBR600RR that’s my new track bike. The bike was only street ridden until I got a hold of it. I have been cleaning and prepping it for track duty I noticed this scratched into the case. The vin and engine number match so I am at a loss for what LN2002 means. I doubt it a year...