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  1. shell015

    2013 Hyper Lite XLR 27HFS Toyhauler $19,000

    2013 Hyper Lite XLR 27HFS. $19,000. Clean great used condition. Everything works. No issues, no roof leaks, no delamination. 30 gallon fueling station, queen bed up front, U-shaped dinette converts to bed, HappiJac queen bed in the garage. Garage is 9 feet deep. Pull down screen at rear...
  2. shell015

    FS: $205 in credits for $180

    Doubtful I can make any events for the remainder of the season due to work and other planned activities. I've got $205 in credits I'll sell for $180 with no transfer fee with me being Elite member. Credits expire 11/29/16 so you can still use them as late at the Barber event! PM if interested.
  3. shell015

    FS: Nearly new Lockhart Phillips tire warmers

    Lockhart Phillips tire warmers and as seen here: but in black, not red (black hides any grease/dirt better!). I bought them used and they have very little use by the previous owner (maybe 5 trackdays if even that). I've never used them. They...
  4. shell015

    VIR April 7th South and 8th North A group vids

    Just getting around to a few vids I took in standard def GoPro and did PIP for rear view which degrades quality a little bit too. Got a couple more to work on for Monday A group but thought I'd share these while I had a chance. April 7, 2013 A Group South Session 3:
  5. shell015

    Continental RaceAttack 180/55-17 NEW!

  6. shell015

    Suzuka Dual Temp Tire warmers.

    Suzuka Dual Temp Tire warmers. Fits 120 fronts and 180-200 rears. Settings are Hi, Low, and Off. These are well used for 3-4 years but still work great. Some burns on the inside of the warmers. The front warmer had a wire break near the wire entrance into the material, so I unstitched the...
  7. shell015

    Triumph leather pants (US 38) and boots (US 11)

    Triumph Triple Connection perforated leather pants size 38 waist. Excellent used condition. Recently cleaned and conditioned. No issues what-so-ever! No knee sliders included. If you cut out the small black “T” patch on the thigh area, you’d have a set of no-name leather pants, so don’t let...
  8. shell015

    Fieldsheer Rufus kangaroo 1 piece suit size 46

    Fieldsheer Rufus 1 piece suit. Kangaroo perforated leather, size 46 (I’m 5’11 and 200lbs) and it fits great with back protector (not included!). It’s well used but can be used much longer. I just had it cleaned and conditioned so it doesn’t come with any funky smells or...
  9. shell015

    VIR N on Dec 3rd?

    Cross posting here for my post in the Southeast forum if any Mid Atlantic guys are interested. Click link for info:
  10. shell015

    Possible Trackday at VIR North Dec 3rd

    Call me crazy but I'm already jonsin' for a trackday! Yeah, I know, short notice, it's on a Monday, and during the spending spree of the holidays, but I've put the wheels in motion to rent VIR North for Monday, Dec 3rd if I can finalize the event insurance policy requirement. If I can get that...
  11. shell015

    VIR North Aug 20, 2012 Videos

    VIR North Aug 20, 2012 "A" Group Vids. Probably boring to many, especially with some of the music added to them. If you're curious about how the BMW S1000RR traction control works in Rain Mode, check out Session 1 and you'll see the orange light blinking to the left of the tach indicating...
  12. shell015

    Summit Main 8/6 A group videos

    Nothing spectacular here and could be down right boring to watch at times. Doing the PIP prevents me from editing to see just when other riders are around me. Quality/clarity of the videos also seems to be affected but that might be due to the Movie Maker software settings I use and the PIP...
  13. shell015

    Michelin Pilot slicks take-offs: $130 shipped!

    I've got two fronts 12/60-17 (120) and one well used rear 19/69 (190) Michelin Pilot slicks. Both fronts have 4 trackdays on each of them and were flipped after two days so the wear is even on both sides. Lots of life left in both tires (2-3 more days each?) depending on your pace. The rear...
  14. shell015

    A Group vids from VIR June 2nd/3rd. Late...

    Yeah, it's long forgotten now, but I finally got around to a few videos from VIR on June 2nd and 3rd. Had a weeks vacation last week so more of the reason on my delay to post them up. June 2nd Session 1: Session 3: Session 4...
  15. shell015

    FS: EBC EPFA 322/4HH front brake pads. 4 cards

    These are brand new, sealed EBC EPFA 322/4HH front brake pads. I have four cards total to sell. If you need to change both calipers/rotors, you will need to buy 2 cards. I'll sell all four cards for $220 total including free shipping, or I'll sell individual cards for $60 each. EBC...
  16. shell015

    Triumph AS-1 Leather Suit: US46/ Euro 56

    Triumph AS-1 Leather Suit: US46/ Euro 56 This suit was $1499 when new, but I’m selling it in good, slightly rashed condition for $550 shipped in the CONUS. I had a crash at the track in August while wearing this suit, but it’s still in good condition. There is some rash in various places...
  17. shell015

    Alpinestars GP-Tech gloves: $100

    SOLD!!!! Alpinestars GP Tech gloves: XL These gloves were $299 when new. I’m selling them for $100 shipped in the USA. They are in good to great used condition. They were involved in a minor crash but the only scratches are on the right glove plastic wrist protector as seen in the pic...
  18. shell015

    PUMA 1000v2 boots: $225 shipped

    3/18/2012: Boots have been SOLD! PUMA 1000v2 boots: US 11/ Euro 44 These boots were $325 when new. I’m selling them for $150 shipped in the USA. They are in good to great condition. They were involved in a minor crash but the only scratches are on the toe slider, ankle hinge, and buckle...
  19. shell015

    Motorcycle related DVDs

    Motorcycle related DVDs I need to build my trackday fund for 2012 and selling these motorcycle related DVDs for your viewing pleasure during the winter blues (non-riding) days. I’ll sell them individually, or for a package price of $50 shipped (updated with lower price reflecting sold...
  20. shell015

    Fs: 2010 bmw s1000rr: $11,800

    For Sale: 2010 BMW S1000RR: $11,800 Yes, you read that right! I’m selling this awesome bike for $11,800 which is well below NADA and KBB retail values and includes the $1,480 optional Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and ABS as well as the optional $450 Gear Shift Assistant (AKA quick shifter...