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    Bar ends?

    I was looking through the rider manual and I couldn’t find any information related to whether or not bikes running In Novice have to have bar ends installed. I probably totally missed it but I’d appreciate knowing for sure if I need to cut my grips and install bar ends for CMP this weekend...
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    CMP 10/17

    Looking forward to my first and only trackday this season. Had a shoulder surgery that put me out of commission until now. Hoping to have a safe, fun, and educational day with the N2 crew! Appreciate all you coaches, riders, guys and gals, that make the track experience so much fun!
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    2010 CBR 1k Suspension upgrades

    I’m new to the track. This season was my first and after 3 track day’s I’m thinking about upgrading my suspension. I’m a novice but try to brake as late and hard as my skill level will allow. My current suspension set up seems balanced for my weight; 215lbs with full gear. I had me bike and set...
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    2010 CBR1000rr race glass?

    Hello! I’m hooked on the track environment! I’m converting my bike to a track only ride and I’m looking for some track fairings. I’m trying to find some used units or slightly thrashed parts that I can get on the cheap. Does anyone have some fairings for a 2010(2008-20011) that they’re looking...
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    Tech early?

    I’m doing my first track day with N2, and the second track day of my life, this Saturday at NC Bike. I’m planning on setting up a pit/paddock area Friday night. If I get There early enough can I go through tech Friday? Just curious since there will be a track day going on Friday. Thanks
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    Best place to stay near NC Bike(Garysburg NC)?

    I’m probably a little late on this but I just found out my wife and daughter want to see me embarrass myself on the track, NC bike July 25th. My original plan was to load up Friday night and head out to the track first thing in the morning. Now that my wife and daughter want to come along, I’ll...
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    After my first track day I feel like a total squid!

    So, I did my first track day with The Riders Club at NJMP this past weekend. AND that experience just confirmed what I already know; I need A LOT OF TRAINING! I’ve signed up for NC Bike on Saturday July 25th. Looking forward to meeting some of you and hopefully adding to my nonexistent skill...
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    New to N2 and looking forward to experiencing the track

    Hello everyone! My name is Carlos and I’ve been riding motorbikes for most of my life. Despite this “experience” I feel like I absolutely know nothing about riding a sport bike! This is the first time I’ve joined a track organization and I hope to do my first track day REAL soon. I live in NC...