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  1. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    Thank you for the kind words, Tom. Bike is sold.
  2. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    Sale pending..
  3. Greg ZX6R

    New bike suggestions wanted

    What Tom said. 2015 zx10 is the only answer.
  4. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    Bike still for sale. Please note that it does not have autoblip.
  5. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    Sale pending
  6. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    I'm in Pasadena, MD.
  7. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    Bump. $8,000. Bike should be at Lightning on Sunday if anyone would like to see it.
  8. Greg ZX6R

    fully track ready cargo mate trailer 4 sale

    I'm going to guess $5,800.
  9. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    Bump. $8,200
  10. Greg ZX6R

    2015 ZX10R Track Bike

    Selling my 2015 ZX10, clear title. I am the second owner of the bike, which has an indicated 2868 miles. The bike had approximately 1500 miles when I bought it, and the rear sprocket was changed to +2 after purchase. Original owner lowsided at a track day, resulting in a small dent on the right...
  11. Greg ZX6R


    How about a 2015 ZX10?
  12. Greg ZX6R

    Best advice from a Coach/Control Rider?

    Chris Kubricky 2009: "Keep your balls in your pocket, don't crash, and you get bumped." Implemented it that day, then failed to implement it later that year. I shared that info with Slow Steve and he did not implement it. I still implement that advice today (minus the bump part) when things...
  13. Greg ZX6R


    Very similar to Big Jim vs Baz at Pitt a couple weeks ago!
  14. Greg ZX6R

    Air Fence Help Summit Main May 2-3, 2021

    I'll be there Sunday afternoon at Shenny and should be able to help with set up/tear down. Jack, I think we used the dog boxes last year, so hopefully...
  15. Greg ZX6R

    Passing Tech at First Track Day

    Steve, I'm in MD and have a suit you can borrow if it fits. I work in Burtonsville, MD so not far from DC.
  16. Greg ZX6R

    Goodbye 2020, Hello VIR South!

    For whatever reason, I don't particularly care for u-turns on the track, and even less so for tight u-turns after fast straights, like T1. Also don't care for coming onto a long straight from a slow turn like Oak Tree or the last turn at NC Bike going clockwise. For George, when you're going...
  17. Greg ZX6R

    Nolan Lamkin race data

    I agree with John that it can be difficult for some to pick up where they left off after an extended period of no riding, but I think it depends on the rider and maybe how long you've been doing track days/racing. I've only been able to do about 2-3 days per year for the past couple of years...
  18. Greg ZX6R

    Nolan Lamkin race data

    Matt, no data is really needed. More gas, less brake!
  19. Greg ZX6R

    Goodbye 2020, Hello VIR South!

    Hopefully no chicane will be used for full. To me, South course is one of those tracks that never "gets going", like Thunderbolt. The reverse corkscrew is fun, I don't like turn one, the fishhook, or the old Oak Tree turn. Paddock is tiny, and used to suck finding a space on day two during...
  20. Greg ZX6R


    You can bring a second pair to wear on hot days while the other pair dries out, or bring and extra fan to dry them between sessions. Worked well at Summit this past Monday. Helmet drying on one fan, gloves on the other.